Man in Black from the Watchtower.

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Alex was financially independent so he was a full time student recreationally, he just loved learning.  He took whatever classes he wanted from whichever teachers were the best and most interesting.  He was on the campus of University of Washington between classes when he was approached by a mysterious looking figure that looked unbelievably like either a detective from an old crime novel or one of those Men in Black that show up to remove evidence of aliens.  

“Are you Alexander Jackson?”

“Who is asking?”

“My name is Archimedes Feynman, I work for an organization and I really don’t want to disclose the name of that organization until I have your word that you will not tell anybody the name of it.  Do I have your word, as a gentleman?”


“I work for the Watchtower, we have been observing your activities on Google + and we…

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Azrael (poem)

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The Spanish Jew’s Tale; Azrael

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

King Solomon, before his palace gate
At evening, on the pavement tessellate
Was walking with a stranger from the East,
Arrayed in rich attire as for a feast,
The mighty Runjeet-Sing, a learned man,
And Rajah of the realms of Hindostan.
And as they walked the guest became aware
Of a white figure in the twilight air,
Gazing intent, as one who with surprise
His form and features seemed to recognize;
And in a whisper to the king he said:
“What is yon shape, that, pallid as the dead,
Is watching me, as if he sought to trace_
In the dim light the features of my face?”

The king looked, and replied: “I know him well;
It is the Angel men call Azrael,
‘T is the Death Angel; what hast thou to fear?”
And the guest answered: “Lest he should come near,
And speak to me, and take away my breath!
Save me from Azrael, save me from death!
O king, that hast dominion o’er the wind,
Bid it arise and bear me hence to Ind.”

The king gazed upward at the cloudless sky,
Whispered a word, and raised his hand on high,
And lo! the signet-ring of chrysoprase
On his uplifted finger seemed to blaze
With hidden fire, and rushing from the west
There came a mighty wind, and seized the guest
And lifted him from earth, and on they passed,
His shining garments streaming in the blast,
A silken banner o’er the walls upreared,
A purple cloud, that gleamed and disappeared.
Then said the Angel, smiling: “If this man
Be Rajah Runjeet-Sing of Hindostan,
Thou hast done well in listening to his prayer;
I was upon my way to seek him there.”

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Blood Moon Rising

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Alexander Jackson slid his athletic naked body into his hot tub in the freezing weather of Stanwood Washington, earlier that day he had seen a shooting star while the sun was still up.  Now he wanted to relax and get out of his head, get into his creative space, that is what he called it, his judgment free zone.  He would get high and then get as loud as he wanted, doing whatever he wanted.  He would contemplate the Blood Moon tonight.  


He was still glowing from his epic victory over the biggest atheist troll on google + Andro Guzzler, he had defeated him with a brilliant argument.  Alex hated atheists, not all atheists just Dawkinites, they weren’t real atheists, they were a cleverly disguised religious cult, and nobody realized how potentially dangerous they were.  Richard Dawkins was creating fertile soil for another Adolf Hitler to rise to power.  Atheism…

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