Sexual Confidence and Purse size.

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One of the bizarre things about being me despite the uncanny ability for pattern recognition is that I like to observe people and figure out how they think.  They call me the “Mindhacker” because I can get inside their heads and look from their perspective.  Well here is this tasty little morsel.  The size of a woman’s purse directly reflects the amount of sexual confidence she has.  If she is sexually confident the purse will be small, if she isn’t sexually confident, even if she deserves to be she will have a large leathery satchel.  


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The Occulus Aesthetarian

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Alex had an uneventful night, he really had no idea what to expect the next day.  He thought that this all might be part of some elaborate joke, or some scheme for sucking people in and separating them from their money, if that was the case they would find him to be a problem they never wished they had tangled with, but other than that he had a relatively restful night, and he had to search the internet for when sunrise was the next day.  It was 6:23 am.  

When Alex arrived at the location there was a Carved marble stone saying the building was the Bibliotheque Akashique, he wasn’t sure what that meant but he thought it was some manner of library.  Archimedes approached him at the entrance and handed him a coffee.  “I hope that you are ready to have your mind stretched farther and faster than…

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