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Chronos (Time) is the Last Titan and the First God of Death.  He eats all of his children because everybody eventually dies.  Some matters should be treated seriously and some Comedians shouldn’t be taken seriously when they turn political.  When they initially approach you they are offering something innocuous that pleases you at first but as the relationship progresses you realize that they weren’t the Angel of Light (or good Humor) that they first appeared to be.







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$terile Bull Market


sterile bull

Michael Savage woke up this morning with the words, “Sterile Bull” repeating in his head.  This would be bizarre for most people if I myself wasn’t familiar with experiences like this.  While I don’t agree with Michael Savage on every point and vehemently disagree with him on some points (especially his ignorant hatred of Kelly Anne Conway) I have suspected the he, like myself, is one of the 36 Tzadikim Nistarim. Lon Milo Duquette is also, most likely, a Lamed Vavnik.

The Sterile Bull is impotent.  The Globalist, Communist, Anarchists have a Secret Agenda that has already been started in motion.  The intent was to create a Global Government that forces all Nations on Earth to kneel before the same throne, or else.  The conceit is that this was done in order to save Planet Earth and the people on it but a few concessions will have to be…

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Jimmy Kimmel, Moral Arbiter.


jimmy kimmel live

This is one of the things that I hate about liberal progressives.  This loophole logic that allows them to be the judge of others but doesn’t allow them to be criticized or scrutinized.  When throwing rocks be invisible.  This is why being a poltergeist is a high crime in the spiritual hierarchy.  If you are going to change anything on the physical plane you must have skin in the game.  You aren’t allowed to force your will on the World without those influenced being able to push back.

Almost every Useful Idiot uses the same logic, ad nauseam.  Atheists offer moral judgments yet the state that Atheism is not a system of morality (or else it would be a religion).  Ask an Atheist what “Atheist Morals” are.  but they insist that humans are innately moral.  So, the morals of Papua New Guinea that allow them to be cannibals is moral? …

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The Narrative Fallacy


narrative fallacy

I am writing this as an educational blog for my friend Tucker Carlson because I know he likes this kind of stuff and he will use it to understand people when he is debating them.

According to the latest science people remember things based on narrative.  This was determined by studying Crib-Talk in toddlers.  Based on my psychological models this is what it means: 

People are playing a character in a story as they go about their lives.  Every person is the protagonist in their own story.  They understand themselves and they agree with themselves.  Whatever the story is they are the star and the plot that they expect is a sequence of events that makes them look better.  Some people are the hero living in a dystopian alternate reality in which Adolf Hitler has been elected president of the United States.  Actually, a lot of people feel that way…

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Unconsciousness & Relationship


unconscious in relationship angelina jolie

I was raised Jehovah’s Witness by man-haters.  They taught me to be a drone that would do the will of a Queen Bee.  My mind built up a resistance to their Brain-Washing when I realized that they would never be for me and I would never gain any benefit from them. 

It never ceases to amaze me how the rhetoric coming from the Fake News Mafia, Hollywood, and the Satan Worshipping Actors and Musicians sounds exactly like the propaganda that I was indoctrinated into as a child.  I read the conspiracy theories about the JW’s being created by Freemasons but I never believed them until now. 

Rational Relationship is Conscious and Will-Full.  I am not Prince Charming and I am not interested in starting a relationship with a Sleeping Beauty who wants me to wake her up, fight her dragons, and put her on that pedestal thrown she thinks she…

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