Another Wikileaks Bombshell


I’m sure all of you know the story about Hillary’s fall and getting a concussion for which she spent 6 months in hospital. This story told by Bill Clinton seems yet to be another false one.

According to the documents dumped by Wikileaks, Hillary Clinton was in a plane crash near the Iranian border.

Apparently is was bad enough that Obama was told to prepare for the death of Hillary.

It never made sense to me that Hillary would stay in hospital for 6 months for a “plain concussion”. 

She was injured worse than anyone knew outside the Obama administration and her family. 

Go here to read the Wikileaks documents about this event.

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It’s Time to Deal with Terrorism Harshly

COMMON SENSE: At this time four years ago, while lying about what was really behind the Benghazi attack, Obama’s position was Osama bin Laden was dead, al Qaeda was on the run, and ISIS was the JV team. Believing Obama’s false narrative to be true, Americans continued to deny reality by choosing the more politically-correct position of toleration toward a worldview that is antithetical to ours.
We were wrong then and, if we choose Hillary’s perpetuation of Obama’s error, we will continue to be wrong. Even worse, we will sustain repeated attacks for the next four years. This is what will happen, whether you are willing to admit it is true or not.
In the past 24 hours, we have sustained attacks in MN, NY, and NJ—all blue states. Radical Islamisists don’t differentiate between the right and left. To them, we are all the Great Satan.

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Utah – Hispanic Activist Who Criticized Trump’s Mexican Rapist Comments Arrested for Raping Illegal Immigrant…

The Last Refuge

Well, this story is so brutally ironic it will not fit in the Irony folder. You just cannot make this stuff up folks…

You might remember a Hispanic political activist named Tony Yapias, who was extremely critical of Donald Trump’s assertion that some illegal Mexican aliens were rapists.


Tony Yapias is the director of ‘Proyecto Latino de Utah’.  Mr. Yapias also coordinated numerous protest events against Donald Trump including a rather violent display in Salt Lake City, Utah. – SEE HERE

tony-yapiasThis week Tony Yapias has been arrested for rape.   However, not only was Yapias arrested for rape – his victim was, …wait for it…, yep, an illegal alien.

Yes, it appears Mexican rapist Tony Yapias felt additionally empowered by the fact his victim was less likely to be able to contact law enforcement.

However, as Fox13 in Salt Lake City reports:

[…] …

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