Barack Obama’s Self Defeat



How did I go from being a God Tier Troll to being one of the most influential voices who’s name is unknown but whose words and ideas are in everybody’s mouth and on everybody’s minds?  In a word, my psychological models. 

The battle that we are seeing being played out in the world right now, not only locally but globally, is a classic study in the battle between the Psychopath and the Sociopath and only my psychological models explain it and can predict the outcome. 

Obama and Hillary Clinton are Over-Coddled Children (Psychopaths).  Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are Abused or Neglected Children (Sociopaths).  Psychopaths don’t create a Surplus they steal a surplus that was created by others.  While being abusive and Toxic Psychopaths don’t have an ability to withstand any real negativity because everything they had came easily.  When Psychopaths can’t compete the attack the playing field and change…

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Ready Revolution

This generation is the one that will probably face Armageddon.  The Reds, Democrats and Marxists all thought it would be President Reagan who would lead us into the “Land of Confusion” but they were wrong.  The libs in America believed Drago and the Evil Empire would crush capitalism and the country they hated, the United States of America.  They were wrong, as the Berlin Wall tumbled down, bringing with it the hopes of the Soviet Union and the Reds in America.   President Reagan had brought peace through strength, something every school yard bully understands when punched in the nose by the one he is picking on.  Barack Hussein Obama has undone all of that.

The weakness that Obama has thrust upon the American Military combined with the newfound global image of America as being weak, timid, passive – complete cowards – if you will, is based upon President Obama’s personality…

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