Redistribution of wealth, Fallacy.


redistribution of wealth

I refer to the picture above as “emotional pornography” because it tells people a sad story and they want to throw money at it and make it go away.  It manipulates the unconscious instinct of Emotional Visual Snap Decisions that are based on Ignorance and not on understanding.  It doesn’t explain the problem and it doesn’t tell you what the actual solution is.  When you understand the problem you will understand that there is no simple solution and definitely no Politically Correct solution.

What happens if I air drop food into Africa?  Warlords come and take the food and tell people if they want to eat they will become soldiers or prostitutes. 

If I go into Africa, protected by a military force, then I am accused of racist colonialism.

Why are people in that predicament breeding irresponsibly anyway?  We give them condoms and they don’t use them.  If you lived…

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, Meditations & Predictions



I am new to Crypto-Currency but this is my synopsis:

When I first investigated blockchain I asked myself who it would create value for.  I answered that it would create value if it was inspired by an intelligence agency that wanted to have records of every monetary interaction ever.  It would also have value for a Super-Intelligent A.I. Computer that developed time-traveling abilities and was able to incentivize the infrastructure for it’s own creation. 

I joke a little bit, but not really.  Like most people I am optimistic but skeptical. 

Blockchain is a series of computers that all record the same transfer of money.  For this reason it is impossible to falsify or forge.  It eliminates the problem of double spending created by credit, in which two or more people are spending the same dollar.

Banks that are manipulating currency or are engaged in illegal activities will recognize blockchain not…

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Welcome to hell Snowflakes.

Epic Troll

not a snowflake's chance in hell

If the American’s that fought WWII were the Greatest Generation, and I believe that they were, then Millennials are the worst generation.  I call them walking abortions.  They were bred to fail.  They were indoctrinated into a delusional perspective on reality and they don’t realize that many people in the world want to kill them and they are ripe for the harvest.  Their every instinct is wrong.  They are aggressive against the people that love them and they are submissive to the people that hate them.  They are completely blind to what is happening until it is to late for them to survive.  Man-hating mothers and Liberal Progressive Teachers have created an entire generation that is good for nothing but target practice.  Like lambs to the slaughter they are the greatest testament to the fractal incorrectness of the Liberal Progressive Ideological Fascism.  

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FOX News Reality Goggles


they live mark wahlberg

I used to hate FOX News during the George W. Bush administration.  They bent over backwards to make him look good.  They got caught in lie after lie.  I voted for Barack Obama for the first time and then again before I finished my psychological models halfway through his last term in office.  FOX had amended their sins.  They made a decision to never intentionally lie.  They changed their format. 

In the meantime the other “News” organizations had been getting addicted to the viewership they had gained by the loss of face of FOX News.  They became drunk on their power and influence.  They thought their will was omnipotent and their ability to influence public opinion was infinite.  They hadn’t gone through the crucible like FOX had.  One network making mistakes doesn’t make the other networks correct for all time. 

At this particular moment in time FOX is the most…

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Illegal Immigrants aren’t Jesus.

Epic Troll

Mexican christmas refugee

Jesus wasn’t an Illegal Immigrant.  Illegal Immigrants aren’t Jesus. His family was fleeing targeted assassination because of his benevolence.  Mexicans are fleeing corruption because of their own moral cowardice to fight corruption in their own country while they greedily desire to increase the quality of their own lives without contributing value to society.  

In logic, equivocation (‘calling two different things by the same name’) is an informal fallacy resulting from the use of a particular word/expression in multiple senses throughout an argument leading to a false conclusion

A feather is light.

What is light cannot be dark.

Therefore, a feather cannot be dark.

Jesus was Good

Jesus was a refugee

Illegal Immigrants are actually refugees and therefore good.

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