Last Days, the Photoshop that got Jon Stewart to step down.

Here is the Photoshop that got Jon Stewart fired from The Daily Show and me fired after 12 years from Whole Foods.

Epic Troll

last days—juan-zarate

After 2 years of avoiding Facebook, certain that they had developed bots to look specifically for me.  I created an account to look for facebook anti-sharia advocates and connect them with Ban Sharia on G+ which had kind of gone viral. I posted this photoshop which kept getting reshared and then somebody tagged Jon Stewart in it.  Not only did Jon immediately get fired from the Daily Show a worm invaded Whole Foods Email and assassinated my computer from which I had posted the image.  Shortly after that I was called into the office and fired because Whole Foods had researched my online activities and categorized my Ban Sharia advocacy as hate speech.

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Ignorance is not a virtue, Barack.


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Peaceful Muslims shouldn’t have a problem with having Sharia Law Banned, Hillary and Barack ignore this topic because they know Muslims won’t tolerate it and they are attempting to create a Global IslamoNazi Revolution, Create a Permanent Ruling Class & Slave Class, and Empower the United Nations.  If you think you aren’t being represented by Politicians now, just wait until they are safely living on another Continent, in a Fortress, in a Muslim Country and your Nations Sovereignty has been subjugated to that of the Muslim biased United Nations.

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Islam Does NOT Tolerate other Religions or free political systems.


Many country photos & brief descriptions:

Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Kenya-Somalia, Mali, Philippines, Tunisia, Sudan & South Sudan, Thailand, Great Britain, Spain, United States.

Pakistan: Peshawar church,  2 Muslim suicide bombers, 2013. Photo: NY Times.


Pakistan: Christian church burned by Muslims, 2012. Photo: cited in Catholic Online (no other credit).

It is believed this Christian Church in Pakistan was torched by Muslims as a result of the video President Obama said caused the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya


Nigeria: Church bombed. Photo: AlterNet, Agence France Presse.


Ethiopia: Church destroyed by Muslim mob. Photo: BosNewsLife.


Indonesia: Catholic church destroyed by Muslim mob. Photo: Catholic Online.

A child walks through the ruins of his church, destroyed by Muslim hardliners. Destroyed churches ar


Syria: Deliberate destruction of Christian churches by Islamic militants. Photo: Barnabas Fund.

Numerous churches in Syria have been destroyed


Egypt: Coptic Christians pray in their ruined church (by Muslim mob). Photo: Raymond Ibrahim (no credit supplied).


Iraq: Dominican Sisters in the ruins of their church. Photo: © Ordo Praedicatorum 2015
Dominican Sisters in Iraq
Kenya: Somalia Muslims murder 36 non-Muslims at North Kenya quarry, 2014…

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Poetin reageert op NAVO-raketafweerschild: “We zullen antwoorden op de bedreiging van Rusland”

E.J. Bron


(Vertaling: E.J. Bron)

Ook de Russische president Poetin heeft nu officieel gereageerd op het in bedrijf nemen van een NAVO-installatie in het kader van het westerse raketschild. Het persbureau TASS citeert Poetin met de woorden: “Dat zijn blijkbaar eerste stappen van de VS om het strategisch evenwicht van de krachten te verstoren.” Daarom zou er nu van de kant van Rusland alles aan gedaan moeten worden om het krachtenevenwicht te garanderen. “Dat is de meest betrouwbare garantie dat het niet tot een groot militair conflict komt.”

Duits - Zuerst

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