Bob Mueller for Prison


Spying versus “Not Spying”


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Please observe that I did this Photoshop and posted it on May 23rd.  Now everybody is using my argument.  I literally posted the definition of spying.  James Clapper didn’t actually say this.  He started to but stopped himself.  It was the Liberal Media that bridged the gap for him and attempted to reify the lie by creating an artificial category that is a rhetorical tautology of “Spy”.  I called the game before they played it and I preempted their strategy.  

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Bob Mueller is Capricious.

Epic Troll

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Bob Mueller is intentionally abusing his office to terrorize people that either aren’t guilty or aren’t guilty enough to justify the abuse they are receiving from him.  He is acting like a mafia or a gestapo, not like an enforcer of the law in a representative democracy.  He is running scared and trying to cover his own ass.  I seriously hope he serves jail time for his betrayal of his duty to serve the American People, the God of Justice, and the Constitution of the United States of America.  If he was capable of feeling shame he wouldn’t be doing what he is doing.  If their is a God, Bob Mueller will burn in hell.  


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[kəˈpriSHəs, kəˈprēSHəs]
  1. given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior.
    “a capricious and often brutal administration” ·

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John Brennan, Proud Muslim


john brennan

John Brennan isn’t fooling anybody.  I started the Ban Sharia Brand in 2014.  He might have been the leader of the CIA, but I psychologically profiled him a long time ago as a Useful Idiot that wishes to bring Muslim Communism to the rest of us.

They are only Capitalists as far as their relationships with themselves.  They are communists in relationships with U.S. or them slaves.   

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