Maxine Waters = Joan of D’arc

Epic Troll

maxine waters.gifLet’s be honest with ourselves.  Liberal Progressives constantly lecture Christians on what they should believe, what Jesus actually taught, etc.  They, are Atheists, Anarchists, and Communists.  They mock us for our professed morals while concealing their own agenda. They constantly deny that their repeated result was designed by their intention.  But we call that science.  Science is the “Explanatory Art”.  Science is Descriptive, Predictive, & Prescriptive.  Progressives promise to cure you and then they give you an incurable disease.  Then they claim that they weren’t responsible for the result because of their good intentions and their womanly feelings.    

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Southern Poverty Law Center & the FBI


splc unholy alliance

Tucker Carlson just broke this story tonight and it really hit a cord with me because I immediately knew that it was true.  Creeping Normalcy is a Cognitive Bias that the average human is blind to.  Because a “natural” uneducated human is blind to it they can be manipulated with it.  Creeping Normalcy is explained by the illustration of slowly increasing the temperature of the water in a pot with a frog in it.  The frog relaxes and doesn’t jump out until his ass is cooked.

 “Liberal Progress” is the same thing.  It seems pleasant at first until you find the source of the energy and the intent behind it.  But the mask has slipped and we realize that people who are still democrats are either Unforgivably Stupid or Consciously Evil.

Everybody worth talking to knows that the Southern Poverty Law Center has completely corrupted their original purpose.  All structures…

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The Truth about Russian Demagoguery.


vladimir putin troll

If you are like me, a self-interested, non-useful idiot, you have been accused of being a Russian Troll because of supporting Donald Trump.

Truth to tell the whole “Russian Hacking” Troll Farm conversation never came up until after my Ban Sharia advocacy went viral, (CLICK HERE FOR LINK) and Donald Trump got elected.  Democrats accused Trump of Demonizing Islam while they got in bed with Mohammed.  I saw what they were doing and I thwarted them.  They took a page from my book and tried to change the subject by vilifying Russians.  In this manner they thought to deflect from their ongoing commitment to Islam.

Barack Obama, who hired more behavioral psychologists than all presidents combined, created a secret plot to influence the psyche of the average American and that Deep State cabal is alive and kicking today.  In Malcolm Gladwell’s book blink they talk about a psychological…

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