Open Letter to Richard Letcher.

The Prince

I suppose that you could have been a worse father but it would have taken a lot of effort.  If I had my life to live over again I would have had myself emancipated as early as possible.

When I talked to you after disappearing for 7 years, you were angry.  How could I have disappeared for 7 years? you asked.  What was my incentive to be in relationship with you?  How was I ever positively incentivized to be in relationship with you?

You were going to transfer your landscape maintenance company to me?  When you know that I have allergic asthma?  That ring that you found, you were going to give it to me after a year of pioneering.

When I started talking to you again, you were only concerned with repairing your reputation as a shitty parent.  

I hope that you live every day thinking about the…

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Oregano Oil and the Corona Virus.

Organicly Groan

oregano oil and the corona virus

Oregano Oil will not kill the Corona Virus but it will help.  I haven’t had the flu or been seriously sick for 10 years and every time I am feeling under the weather I take 3 oregano oil pills.  If I am feeling bad the next day I repeat the prescription.

Oregano is anti-viral and anti-microbial.  It kills blood born pathogens.  As far as I know it hasn’t been scientifically tested but I have used it and I am pleased with the results.  I am not a holistic nut and I would tell you if I thought something was being hyped.   

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Babies are not born Atheist.

Atheist Logic Fail

atheist babies

This is what is known as the “reification fallacy” taking something that isn’t real or true and making it true through ad nauseam.  

Epigenetics informs us that our instincts come from the predispositions of our ancestors based on their repeated actions and thoughts.  There has never been a successful Atheist state because they don’t have a common morality and therefore they couldn’t create a body of law.  This is why they, more than others, failed throughout history to pass on their neural myelination.

If you research Crib Talk or Cultural Universals you will find that babies are quite irrational when they are born by atheist standards and that belief in God isn’t the exception it is the rule.

One implication of Noam Chomsky’s innatism, if correct, is that at least a part of human knowledge consists in cognitive predispositions, which are triggered and developed by the environment, but not…

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