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“Every Revolution starts out Satanic emphasizing the Rights of Individuals and ends up Messianic emphasizing their Responsibilities.”

~Joxua Luxor (2013)

“The Serpent must eat the Serpent in order to become the Dragon.”

~Basilius Valentinus 

“When the Edomites (Christians) and Ishmaelites (Muslims) are all over the world, this will be the birth pains of the Messiah.” ~Moses Maimonides

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Hillary Clinton Gang



As a psycho-linguist it was etched in my memory when Hillary Clinton made this statement during the 2016 election campaign.  Surprisingly, nobody else noticed this Dog Whistle.  When Barack Obama mentioned “Black Twitter” nobody else noticed that either.  But there were people that noticed because the comment was pitched at a frequency the rest of us couldn’t understand, but I could… 

The Clinton Crime Foundation and the Democrat Thought Plantation  want to employ the criminals through triple blinds so that they have PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY.  This is why they don’t state their solutions openly they only mock & criticize their opponents.  If they get lucky and are voted into office they fully intend to make agreements behind closed doors. 

Purging 20 years of Gang Databases (LINK).

That is why they aren’t transparent but they act like your parent. 

They don’t state they insinuate. 

They don’t confess the profess their innocence.

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Right to Rule for Americans.


right to rule

I am not talking about the Divine Right of Kings, I am talking about the Right to Rule as envisioned by our Founding Fathers who were against Tyranny in any form.  In our constitution it wasn’t a king who was imbued with Divine Authority it was the American Citizenry.  The Body of Law is created by the Citizenry and it is the responsibility of the Politician to enforce the Law that the Citizen has voted on.  They are not kings, they don’t get to create Law by Fiat or refuse to enforce Law they don’t like.  Through our Social Contract we can we are all bound by the Authority of Reason

Politicians in Sanctuary states are not only refusing to enforce the Law they are inviting people into the country who aren’t Citizens and catering to them while neglecting the American People.  This isn’t Democracy it is a…

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A Treatise on Emotion


zen monk

Many people are addicted to emotions.  Many people are controlled by their emotions instead of controlling their emotions.  This is the difference between an animal and a human.  Humans control their emotions.  Some animals are wiser than men.

Emotions function like a carnival mirror.  They distort, shade, and color how we see things around us.  They distract us, they obsess us, they lie to us.  Science is done analytically not emotionally.  If you are doing science emotionally you are doing bad science.  A peer reviewed paper was recently published which blamed the penis for global warming.  The only problem is that article was written as a hoax in order to expose a bias in the scientific community. (the Sokal Hoax)

The Ataraxia of the ancient Greeks, Zen, and Nirvana are all the same thing.  They aren’t some deluded fruity spiritualism, they are a coming to rest in the faculty of…

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Southern Poverty Law Center EXPOSED



I have written many times about how Morris Dees destroyed the KKK with much admiration.  I pointed out too people how BlacKKK Lives Matter could be destroyed using his same strategy.  Having said that the SPLC is no longer a force of good but a force of EVIL.

The problem with special interests is that they get funding because of lobbying to further the agenda of their constituency.  Every month they send out a letter telling their donors of their victories.  This causes Mission Creep.  It causes a corruption of the form of the good.  The problem with the special interests is that they aren’t interested in Equality under Reason they are interested in the DESTRUCTION of the thing that they hate.  I refer to this as the Fundamentalist Drift as they attract stupider people who are more violent and tyrannical.

Not only are they incapable of self-scrutiny and any…

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American Nationalism


american nationalist.jpg

Hillary Clinton recently blamed “White Nationalism” for her not getting elected.  This is a Liberal Progressive conflation due to the presupposition that America is bad and all “Real” women, blacks, Mexicans, homosexuals, etc. hate America and have been persecuted by America. 

This isn’t that time.  We aren’t those people.  I never owned slaves and you have never been a slave. 

Glenn Beck made the same stupid assertion.  American Nationalism can never be bad because American values are good.  Although we might be mistaken at times for a while…

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