I have been living here for going on 6 years.  The rent is much cheaper than the surrounding area but, it has trouble keeping tenants here.  All the old cool people have moved out and the new ones are lame.

Rome was built on 7 hills and the last hill was Aventine hill.  Remus lived on Aventine hill.  Apparently part of the reason that his brother Romulus was chosen to be the first king of Rome was because of the “inauspicious birds” on Aventine.  These birds were bad omens, carrion birds, harbingers of death, crows, ravens, vultures, owls.  Part of the reason they were there is possibly because the hill was used as a dump, like the valley of Gehenna.

Interestingly, these bad omens are also associated with wisdom.  There is no wisdom without sacrifice and all of these birds are associated with wisdom.  Should Remus have been the first king of Rome?  Would the world be a better place?

It seems to me to be a metaphor for something more though.  The Roman Road was the key to the expansion of Roman success.  The Roman Road to heaven was symbolized by two back to back letters R.  The same symbol as you have seen on the Rock Star beverage.  Furthermore the seven hills seem to represent the 7 days of the week, Saturday being the seventh and ruled by Saturn who is synonymous with Shiva the Hindu God of Death & Time.  Chronos eats his children because everybody eventually dies.  The Owl can see between the Yin World and the Yang World. 

“I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”  Oppenheimer

Then you have the difference between the eye or Ra and the eye of Set and it’s visual similarity to the symbol for the roman highway to heaven.



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