Marriage has always been a business contract and never had anything to do with love.  What is this thing nowadays where we think it has to have an element of magick and destiny?  I blame Walt Disney for feeling women’s minds with fairy tales that are no longer feasible just as the American dream has disappeared.  Furthermore, marriage was a way of protecting your resources, only rich people got married, not pleibians, and when you have an entire culture living pay check to paycheck anything can happen at any time.  You don’t really have any resources to protect, why would you put yourself through that hell?

The entire paradigm of marriage has switched.  Whereas it was a propertization of women and a business contract, now it has become the propertization of the man but he goes through the rituals as if she was being propertized.  It is like buying a cow only to find out, because of the political playing field and the way society has changed that the cow now owns you.  She can and will do whatever she wants, if she gets tired of listening to you she will divorce you and take your kids and your money and society and the legal system will help her.

I am against marriage.  Violently so.  Because the institution is against me.  No taxation without representation.  If I don’t get a say on the types of relationship i have then I am not going to be in the relationship.  I am not going to be forced into a cookie cutter relationship enforced by the stupid judgments of the ignorant majority, that not only doesn’t know what marriage is but they have a feminine bias, and have no idea what normative judgments are.  Keep your stupid judgments to yourself society.

207647_465186060208472_1099865649_nWhat is this concept of cheating?  I don’t know what that is.  My penis is attached to my body right?  My body my choice, right?  What is gravy for the goose is gravy for the gander, right?  I don’t recall ever agreeing to be someone’s property or ruled by the judgments of people that I am not in relationship with.  I don’t want a normal life.  I want an awesome life.

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