ouroborosJan 1, 2009

A cruel riddle solved the humorless self dissolved. Coagule Solve.
Seven days to sever your karma, that you might be saved. Sitting Shivah for that which never was.
Seven rays lit the way to Solomon’s Solemn Secret under the auspices of Shamash.
Seven ways of surrender to the vision of peace Islam and Shalome Jerusalem.
Seven veils conceal the Servant. Sayeth Samael, “Iaesus is us.”
Seven seals reveal that from West to East WE are the same. From Shamus to Shaman and Somalian to Samurai, shin, chan, Zen.
Seven planets Sing of a Chronusian Myth a Saturnian Scythe, ergo the ego we slay.
Seven Spheres know the Seeker has found the Sibbolent Sound, the Serpentine Round is now the Sun. All is One and One is None.

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