Satya:  Could you please explain to me what is the “Curse of the Magus” and the meaning of the Dragon with 7 Heads?

Rabbi Ba’al Shiva:  I would love to, I suspect their is a reason for your asking, there is actually a connection between the two topics.  The curse of the magus is a level of spiritual revelation.  When you reach this level of initiation you are compelled to speak your truth, which is the things that were true for you on your spiritual path that led you to your realization.  According to Lon Milo Duquette, people that reach this level often end up creating new religions.  A religion is in a way a group soul, everybody in the religion models their soul after the prophet of the religion, which is to say they have the same values, they subscribe to the same world view, they have the same ontologies and consideration sets and they have the same form of the good.  this is what we call an egregore a group thought form.  The problem is that everybody’s path to god is different, you can only learn from my path insomuch as you are like me and you have the same destination and starting point. If I MapQuest directions from point A to lets say Black Angus and I gave it to some random person it would not take them to Black Angus.  So my truth from the perspective of most people will be a lie.  Speaking my truth will cause chaos, anger, panick, argument, but if I do not my fate will be worse than death.  So it is a moral imperative that I bring my light into the world and tell others what god has told me.

The problem of understanding is not the fault of the prophet but of the chela.  The prophet glimpses god and excitedly explains his vision.  The people listening cannot see god but the enthusiasm of the prophet is contagious.  They are receiving the reflected light, not the original light, it is the difference between the light of the sun and the light of the moon.  The description of the prophets experience is not the experience itself.

The dragon of revelation is what causes the problem, all of the sephiroth below chockmah, binah, and kether are contaminated with vitiated knowledge, or maya, or delusion.  It has a head in each of the 7 sephiroth.  It is the force of ego or ignorance.  It is the Lernian Hydra that keeps raising its ugly head. One can never be free as long as ignorance is alive in oneself.  When you take the pure light from the holy trinity,  the kundalini and you inject it into the lower sephiroth, they do not have a macrocosmic understanding and so the overemphasize their own importance and destroy themselves.  All of the gears fight among themselves and the machine grinds to a halt.   When the ego thinks it is god it is its own worst enemy.  it is said you can’t con an honest man, but deluded people are incapable of honesty.



  1. This is… The 7 Heads of The Dragon…counting 3 and 4 = 7…which is 313 of the 7 Lost Churches of Jehoshuah. A True Story of long ago…go to the Prologue and read about… ”The Three Little Girls”

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