Philosophy of Astrology



Joxua:  From the ancient perspective the dodecahedron represented the realm of the living, each side was a zoidon or one of the 12 astrological signs.  The soul splits upon incarnating into male and female and is not completely rejoined until death.  If you look at that astrological chart before the discoveries it doesn’t really make sense after the discoveries, they were inserted without any real understanding of the Greek philosophy.  The soul would split entering through leo and cancer, the sun and moon each ruling only one house and all of the other planets ruling two.  The soul was not reunite with itself until death.  Image

There aren’t 9 days of the week now since the discoveries, we didn’t add 3 more days.  There are Sun Day, Moon day, Tyrs day, Wodens day, Thors day, Freya’s day, Saturn’s Day.  The Catholic church changed the Sabbath to Sunday to conceal the influence of Judaism but in Spanish Saturday is still Sabado the Sabbath.

Katerina: Speaking of Saturn…can you explain what a Saturn return is and how it helped you unlock the mystery of the Philosophy of Astrology?

Joxua: Absolutely, a few years ago I was on MySpace in a group known as “Horoscope Astrology” it was not a sign group it was a little deeper but the people in it were very arrogant and clique-ish and for the most part not smart enough to detect their own bullshit.  They were like the vast majority of kabbalists that think kabbalah  has something to do with Judaism and they try to understand kabbalah from their heritage, they do not realize that they are trying to understand a much bigger system through a reduced and corrupted tributary.  It is like studying the world but only looking at it through a straw.  Anyway, this one idiot tried to troll me by giving me a reading and thinking as he did so he was telling me profound truths about my life.  He said I was having a hard time because I was going through my Saturn.  Saturn which was patently untrue.  My life had sucked horribly and suddenly it started getting better at age 30.  So I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why Saturn returned for me as a benefactor when it is known to be completely Malific.

Astrologists in general have certain prejudices they dislike the Virgo sign because it speaks the truth loudly and abrasively and they dislike Saturn because it is bad luck.  In Greek myth Saturn is the last Titan Cronos who eats his children.  Which makes sense because everybody eventually dies.  Cronos is time and death.  The Olympian gods were immortal, the gods of life and the Titans were gods of death.  But Saturn has another function he is the teacher, the schoolmaster of all, he is the punisher, if you haven’t been learning your lessons, if you don’t seek knowledge and put it into practice.

Saturn can reach you from beyond the grave and he will curse you with bad luck putting you in situations where your lack of understanding will cause you to choose poorly and fail.  Zero percent of Astrologers know that Saturn can be a benefactor.  The reason that I discovered it is because of my philosophy and approach to life.  I have always been a philosopher.  I feel that life exists so we can practice theurgy, so that we can understand the creator and our prodigal soul can return enlightened.


“To me the symbol for Saturn represents the serpent and the tree, the truth seeker, the serpent must eat the serpent in order to become the dragon”

Basilius Valentinus


The seeker seeks truth and is crucified in it becoming the dragon, the teacher of men.  We all die but in avoiding death we don’t truly live or learn or grow or transform or transcend.

Katerina: Whoa, ok, I am going to have to re-read this portion, that is just way too gnarly and occult to digest the first time around.  Is there anything like you would like to mention before we close?

Joxua: It occurs to me that the word hermaphrodite as a not so obvious reference to both the splitting of the soul and Adam.  The word hermaphrodite comes from Hermes and Aphrodite or Mercury and Venus.  The first two signs after the soul enters the zodiac and splits.  Many rabbis who study esoteric Judaism have come to the conclusion that Adam was a hermaphrodite.  I personally believe that Adam and Atma and atom, diamond, dominion, adamant, all derive from proto-indo-European.

Katerina:  Thank you so much you are a treasure trove of information.  I look forward to our next interview.  Why don’t you practice astrology anymore?

Joxua: Well, I used to do readings and I told people some things that were astonishingly accurate and there was no way I could have known.  But I couldn’t escape this feeling that all of the people  studying astrology and listening to astrologers were trying to thwart karma they felt they had coming and not learn life lessons.  It was as though they were trying to get maximum of their will from life while doing the minimum of what we are here for.  It seems to me this universe exists so we can understand god, how he provides for life, what judgments he makes, what sacrifice, what dilemmas he faces.  In alchemy they say there are four elements: fire, water, earth, and air.  The fifth element is known as the Integrating intelligence in kabbalah or Tiphareth, in alchemy it is the fifth element or the quintessence.  All life balances these elements unconsciously by being alive, the heart has four chambers, the body four limbs, it is the bodichitta, the soul energy that balances these, the philosophy, the gestalt which informs the volition of the creature.

The ideal understanding is the epiphany that there are only two things in the universe, the self and the world, and at the same time there is only one thing in the universe and that is one’s relationship with the world or one’s experience of reality.  That revelation is known of reality.  That revelation is known as the alchemical marriage and that moment is second when one meets oneself and when one becomes when one exists when one is born and it happens at the precise moment when the ego, the false self dies.

Katerina: That is brilliant.  I am speechless.  Thank you and epanasundesi.

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