Cedant arma togae.


cedant arma togae”

This was the philosophical calculus of Cicero, I probably butchered the Latin, but essentially what it means is that the armor of battle must yield to the garment of reason.  There is meaning lost to us in history, we don’t understand that the toga was the garment of peace and leisure was also the garment of reason.  We forget that we have associations that will not survive in the future just as other cultures had associations that we don’t know about.  This doesn’t prevent us from arrogantly, and tacitly interpreting and judging from our perspective, believing our understanding and judgement to be correct.

Also of interest to me is the similarity between the toga and the traditional garb of India. See it was difficult to fight in t toga, but they were comfortable.  The garb itself edited your consideration set of what you could do and how you could move and how quickly.




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