Perfection in Imperfection



In the garden is before time, 

I am Adam, I am Eve, I am the Serpent, I am the Tree, you are all me.

Genesis, going in, inhale

Exodus, exhale exile

the in breaths and out breaths of Brahma

Upon being born you inhale

Upon dying you exhale the spirit. 

Whether one or many, I am what I shall prove to be. 

As-salam alaykum, 

Shalom, Lechaim

Peace to the Elohim

all one or alone

Imperfection is in the eye of the beholder. 


2 thoughts on “Perfection in Imperfection”

  1. Y-Chromosomal Adam
    Copper Red to Black Tribe
    African Desertification
    Merritt Ruhlen of Stanford
    and the Proto-World Language
    of the Khoisan and San
    Crossing the levant and around arabia
    for the first time
    meat neanderthals, some hybrids
    who smoked the great cannabos
    out of apple pipes
    mists of avalon
    sign languages of beauty
    four chinese sing songs
    to the three to five xhosa clicks
    the atavistic
    even our Tibetan Yogas
    of Y-DNA C and DE hemp
    cave of the asuras
    the apple
    temptation, but once
    an acceptable trance
    so danced seven times around
    the Neanderthal
    that meteorite in mecca
    now we understand “the cave”
    that other Menorah which
    in and with
    the shades
    formerly that Padmasambhava
    Scorpion, Giant
    on the shore waiting us
    lingam genderless marines
    tiktalik hempish memory
    rainbow bodies some

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