Understanding, Building a Psychological Profile


When I am trying to understand a person I see how far their personality deviates from the stigma that would be associated with them.  Some people can be perfectly happy fulfilling their stigma.  Some people go out of their way to fulfill their stigma. They feel it is some manner of duty to spout cliches and use shibboleth’s.

When a person deviates from their stigma it can be a sign that they are reasonable and they identify with reason but it might not be.  Lil Wayne and Dennis Rodman both deviate from their stigma in many ways, adopting behaviors that aren’t typically black and male, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every deviation is towards reason.



In my system we observe over time how a person is in relationship with the world and with the phenomena in the world in order to create a 3-d picture of their soul.  I will explain how I use my thought technology and what it means to a certain extent.


I am not going to get too far into this but it is pretty self explanatory, the uses overlap however, it is innocuous but it is formidable when you see how I apply it.  Shared states are in a way a meditation all in themselves you can see what a person has in common with others and how they are comorbid with other people.  It gives you an idea of where they are going and what they are going to do.   What they know and what they don’t know.


These tell you about a person’s judgements.  People say, “things should be like this,” or, “you should do this,”  and this always benefits them in some way.  People’s judgments always make them correct.  


Everybody needs to change the world.  They want to make the world better according to themselves so they have some manner of repeated conquest that allows them to improve the world incrementally.  This is their pattern, it shows you how to predict their behavior and lets you know what they will do in certain situations and given certain opportunities. 


The sum of a persons actions has to take them closer to their goal.  Regardless of what they say they are doing observe the results they get and continue to get.  If they keep getting the same result ask yourself if they are really trying to put themselves in a position to do something other than what they are saying.  This is a great technique for recognizing psychopaths who almost always conceal their bias and their endgame.


We expand and retract our sense of self unconsciously and arbitrarily.  Shared suffering, shared desire, shared addiction, combine this with the 7 states and see what patterns emerge. What do they identify with, what are they sympathetic to?


If I might quote myself, “all narrative is doxography.” (p.o.v)  Every person is a character in their own novel.  Which character are they playing?  This is the narrative they use to tacitly judge and interpret events.  If you know the narrative they are using you know how they will string facts together and react to certain events.


How do they edit their consideration set?  Why are they looking at what they are looking at?  Why do they accept information from certain sources and not others?  What do they think about?


What do they compare themselves to?   Do they constantly use the same comparison?  Do they compare everything to the same thing?  is there a recurring pattern in their analogies?  An idol?  A character?  A movie?  A book?


What stimulates their need recognition?  Lack of money?  Hunger?  Sex?  What is their motivation?  What gets their attention?


What are they in relationship with?  When they change states or their narrative changes, what or who precipitated it?  Do they immediately change tones with you?  Or switch narrative?  or make an agreement and then without communication do something else?   This technique can also be used to figure out the gestalt of other people near them.  People who don’t feel like authority figures in their own lives will often try to be an authority in someone else’s life.  If they have a rich parent that constantly threatens to remove them from their will or sever their allowance they might not respect themselves because they didn’t individuate properly from their parents.









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