Nothing Changing



From The Last Organon


Everythingness is oneness, one thingness. 

Sameness is oneness and oneness is nothingness.

The diamond light, Cracked with the sound of thunder, 

Where there was nothing now there was one, 

and the one was also two because it was different from none, 

the light shown back on the crack and scattered

The diamond light, became the white light and shattered, 

None, becoming one, becomes all.

God separates himself from himself in order to create time and space.  

but both are an illusion, time doesn’t actually exist.  

It only appears to exist because one self is separated from One Self. 

Everything in the human experience is a lie, maya, illusion.  



If the universe is changing then their can be no nothingness, but if the universe is nothingness their can be no changing.  This is the essence of the universe, self contradictory and mutually exclusive.  Nothingness and changingness simultaneously.  Ask your self this, “what does the universe HAVE to accomplish?”  and the answer that floats to the surface will be “nothing”.  But then ask yourself, “what is the purpose of the universe?” and the answer that you will arrive at is, “self awareness”.  We are godself experiencing god in god.  Each one of us is a facet of god, a face of god.  Every one of us is god from a certain angle an angel of god, an aspect of god.  



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