Equality Under Reason



“Aequalitatus sub Ratio”  Shivastus Solomonicus


Many long years have I spent observing the human condition.  Some people and groups are successfull beyond comprehension and others fail miserably and are forgotten.  I have in my life documented and studied the processes and patterns leading to success in relationship as well as failing together through improper relationship.  My philosophy can be summed up by the simple latin phrase you see above.  Equality under reason.

I have long been amazed about how the more irrational person in the relationship is the dominate person in the relationship.  They are allowed to get away with more and to steal from the relationship while contributing less.  The irrational person will refuse to participate when needed and demand participation with it’s own will, lacking understanding it behaves like a dumb animal and thwarts all the good done by the reasoning person.  I wonder if this was not what Zarathustra was referring to.  

It is so much easier in this world to do evil than good.  It reminds me of what Paul said to the Romans, “For the good that I want, I do not do, but I practice the very evil that I do not want.”  As long as there is ignorance there is no freedom.  Evil is an unfortunate marriage of ignorance and action.  Every action requires a karmic debt of understanding and fools do not understand how much Karma they create for themselves.  

The only sustainable relationship that a wise man can have with an unwise man is an educational one.  In order to prevent yourselves from being unevenly yoked the student must realize that they are a subordinate in the relationship and must submit to the superior judgment of the wiser man, anything else invites disaster and failure.  

People hear EQUALITY UNDER REASON and they think, “oh, that sounds good enought” it never occurs to them that this doesn’t mean their reason, or feminine reason, it means REASON.  It means succeeding together, surviving, it means doing what is required even when it doesn’t suit you.  It means that you are required to recognize the authority of reason, submit to it, participate with it, and learn from it.  It is a meritocracy of reason.  The reasonable and correct person gets to do it their way by reason of their having superior results and reason.  You don’t get to experiment with others resources and squander their surplus for your education or whim.  You have to live within your means and create more surplus than you consume, and experiment with your own surplus.  It is consciously being in relationship with yourself.  Knowing yourself accurately.  Letting people know who you are, being predictable unto yourself.  Living in the light, not concealing your feelings, thoughts, prejudices, and living in the dark like a troll under a bridge, like a highway man trying to waylay people to extend your miserable existence. 

We know that men are not perfect and so we don’t try to be, we try to be honest.  Anybody that appears to be a perfect man is lying, and he is less perfect than a man that knows he is not perfect.  Anybody that wants to be approached or taught by an apparent perfect man wants to be lied to.  




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