Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness


In my philosophy, Rational Praxis-ism, the individual, even in relationship prehends their resources.  That is to say, that your resources do your will because it is a meritocracy and you earned your resources.  Even in relationship your resources do your will unless you have made an agreement to the contrary.  All of the time I hear people arguing for what other people should think and say and do.  In my system your actions, thoughts, and self expression are yours and yours alone.  Only when someone has proven their correctness to you and NOT to themselves and you have agreed to change your behavior can they hold it against you if your behavior is not desirable, or if you changing your behavior is necessary for the success of the endeavor and is reasonable, as in mitigation.  

People are so full of their stupid judgments.  They presuppose their own self appointed moral authority, I refer to this as not being smart enough to detect your own horse shit.  What’s good for you is good for you, and what’s good for me is what’s good for me.  You don’t get to choose what is good for me.  This is known as judging tacitly from analogy.  It is a normative bias in which the person thinking that everybody should think like themselves pecker slaps people with their perspective, arguing that they should change their expression, that they are experiencing life wrong.  It is one thing to say, “this is my experience of life.” or, “you cannot relate to me in this way by doing this with me, I will not participate with it.”   it is quite another thing to say, “you are experiencing life incorrectly and you have to change the way you think, express yourself, and behave.”  especially when their has been no contest of proof, no scientific experiment, and no debate with reasoned arguments. 

The most annoying thing, I think, to me, is that there are soooo many more stupid people than intelligent people, and stupid people are not less judgmental, they are more so…..


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