Rabbi Ba’al Shiva Explains the Om Symbol


The diamond shape represents atma, the words atma, Adam, and diamond all derive from the same place as well as the words adamant, and dominion and many others.  Atma is the Indian word for soul.  This point is marked on the forehead which is the place also of the 6th chakra, which also corresponds to the garden of eden, the place where man and woman became separate and were exiled.  In the reverse order the 6th chakra is where one goes through the alchemical marriage or returns to the garden of Eden or the proper relationship between masculine and feminine.  Symbolized by the two petaled lotus, the Ida and the pingala, the male and female snakes merge here, and become one with the sushumna.


Notice, if you will, how spanda looks like a rib?  That is adam’s rib.  Expansion, the explosion of the universe from the single point, the singularity.  Adam is not male in a technical sense, he is whole within himself, he is more accurately a hermaphrodite.  This is an obscure mystery that might be difficult for the novitiate to understand, perhaps this will help you.  Image

God in his godness can’t move in the realm of the physical world without negating godself, hence anything that moves is not god.  This is why one sits still when one is meditating, to make oneself like god.  This concept of the soul having to split into male and female parts to incarnate is well known and there are many references to this concept that we today to not notice or comprehend the import of.

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”
― Aristotle

The word he was using for friend there was philia, the same word in philosophy, and Aristotle was a philosopher, he was also gay, which is why he suggested that his philosophical brother was his soul mate.

The Two symbols down at the bottom of the image signify the male and female sexual energies and how the sexual attraction is an innate and tacit urge we have as humans to try to put god back together again.  The relationships that we are attracted to, the very nature of sexual attraction is a subconscious urge to be attracted to godself in someone else.  Or what someone knows about god, or an experience we can have with that person to get closer to god.

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    1. It is both you are presupposing your ow tacit bifurcation &asking a leading question which leads me to believe that you are not a philologist or a linguistic philosopher familiar with protoindo-european.

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