The Diamond Light, No Thingness, separated itself into energy and matter.  Energy moving slowly, and energy moving quickly.  Light and darkness.  Pattern is the father, it is a movement of energy.  Matrix is the mother, it is the matter from which life springs.  In order for their to be choice their had to be options.  People by their very nature choose to move closer to one or the other according to their ability.  What we think of as heaven or hell is a choice between not changing or not moving and changing and moving and acting.  Life itself moves.  Not life holds still.  Life is intelligent.  Not life is predictable and unconscious.  You choose to be like the father by being active and intelligent and you are allowed to approach the light.  If you refuse to change and grow you draw yourself close to the mother by your actions.

Crystals grow in a matrix, but they are nothing like their surroundings.  They choose to be more like the light, more transparent.  Light passes through these more intelligent objects with ease, without friction or distortion.  They are obviously nothing like the environment in which they were conceived, coming from some other place entirely.


How is it that something which is seems impossible to rationalize with one another, the male and the female, the darkness and the light, matter and energy, polar opposites of one another could have some from one single source?  So perfectly married to one another that their is no difference or disagreement?  The two substances appear to disappear all together?  This is the mystery of the 6th level of initiation, the sixth heaven, the Ajna Chakra, the third eye, the alchemical marriage.  The trick to this level of initiation is to realize that they were never separate to begin with, they were always one and the same thing.  The true masculine and the true feminine never disagree with one another because they are equal under reason, AEQUALITATUS SUB RATIO.  They both are in a relationship with god and reality, they are both truthseekers, they both are on a path, they do not arrogantly and egotistically pursue their own ends and desires and fly in the face of reason.  They fulfill their functions and duties faithfully and happily.  The Vexing of the spirit occurs when one party or another is over emphasizing their value, in effect worshiping the ego over reason, idolizing a false god. 


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