Opportunistic Obstructionism



When I was fleshing out SHARED STATE THEORY OF COMMUNICATION and EQUITY IN HUMAN RELATIONSHIP, it became obvious to me that psychopaths instead of being authentic and participating behave strategically in order to communicate to you a state.  I am superior to you, therefore when I storm towards you I expect you to throw yourself bodily out of my path, because that is how important I am.

I started observing and documenting psychopathic behaviors because the way my mind works I have obscene abilities of pattern recognition.  From my perspective every pattern, every interaction results in a psychopathic result or a sociopathic result (or neutral).  The behavior that I am going to discuss today is that of opportunistic obstructionism and it’s implications.

Psychopaths are opportunistic.  Just like a pedophile they attack you when you are weak.  They wait until they are in a position to attack you or you are…

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Telegraphing and Psychopathology



I am trying to teach you something about the nature of the psychopathic mind.  Due to feelings of innate superiority that were reified in them as children, psychopaths gravitate towards structures of authority and socially climb as high as they can get on those structures of authority.  They want to be in a position where they have control over others.  Once they get into that position of authority they do not execute the office faithfully, and I am going to explain why.

People that don’t feel like authority figures in their own lives have their need recognition stimulated to be an authority in someone else’s life.  This is because of over coddling from their parental authorities and the fact that they never fully individuated from their parents because their parents wanted to keep them dependent on themselves.

The psychopath has to let you know that they are there, and they…

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