Infernal Machine (poem)


From the Lingayat of Shivastus Solomonicus

The Abyss Hath stared back into me.  Like Oedipus I want to pluck my eyes from my skull, never to see again.  I have seen inside this infernal machine, I understand its diabolical machinations.  I know its design, its function, its purpose.

The Cross that I bare, The burden of understanding, The guilt of this Forbidden Knowledge.  Knowing is a crime, comprehending the insanity, I cannot tell the cogs and if I did they couldn’t understand and wouldn’t believe me.  The scope is too grand, the unmasking of the Architect whose hidden hand contrived this Master Plan.

The madness of the Human Condition is infuriating, to know the future and not be able to affect it, to change it.  To see the conclusion and be impotent to avoid it.  To undo the error of the beginning.  The nature of this Juggernaut itself must change.  Every sprocket, every gear, transformed, every function perfected, in order for the beast to transcend.  Behemoth to Revelation, Abomination to perfection, a Herculean task to be sure…

It is unlawful to bring light into this world and I am the most wanted criminal.  A world hostile to reason, deaf to logic, blind to wisdom, and incapable of understanding.  Whore ship these false idols of Ego, Money, and a Life of ease devoid of substance, clean on the outside but polluted and putrid on the inside.


13 thoughts on “Infernal Machine (poem)”

  1. Wow, this is beautiful. But Joxua, you ARE making a difference. And as I said to you today, you are a Wayshower. Those that have had to break new ground share your experience. It hurts and it’s lonely and you feel like nobody understands or even cares. You feel futile. But often the journey isn’t just about the change incurred in others, but how you are changing in the process. The teacher becomes the student. What you have been given feels like a curse but is a gift. This lifetime may not reward you the harvest of the seeds you have planted, but that what you will reap eternally will far exceed the investment you lay down now. This life is a breath….sometimes you have to give with no expectation of an immediate return.

  2. Josh and I were dropping his son back home a few hours ago. While we were on Culver just waiting at a light, all of the sudden two cars T-boned each other in the middle of the intersection just in front of us. Both cars totaled…glass everywhere. I sat thinking how quickly, in an instant, someone’s life can dramatically change, for better or for worse. You can’t say nobody is listening or that nobody will listen. You won’t always be the one to determine your audience. People will give you shit and crap on you because you expose errors and represent the truth. You take a stand. People will scream because it’s like throwing alcohol on an open wound, it freakin’ hurts but is needed to heal. Hold your message in your heart with both expectation and with peace. It’s sometimes hard to be a peace yet carry a living dynamic message in you at the same time. Meanwhile, as you likely are, always ask yourself better questions…How can I be more effective in delivering this message? How can I package it better? You know all this. We have been waiting for four years to deliver ours. It has taken a few re-incarnations and ultimately God wanted us to live the message before we were worthy to deliver it. We have been SEVERELY tested. YOU will be SEVERELY tested if the message you carry in your heart will be brought to fruition. Prepare yourself, prepare your message because when the gate is opened, your life can change in an instant.

    1. I am well aware that my life can change in an instant. I am constantly alert to prevent it from changing in a bad way and keeping people out of my life (lynn) that bring bad events and negative attention into my life. I try to expose myself to things going horribly well.

      1. It’s you I have to thank. You give Josh and I hope that meaning relationships DO exist and there really are people committed to seeking Truth. Btw..check your emails.

      2. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. You and me both. It seems like the only time of year I get sick is during the 2 weeks after Christmas. Not too bad this time as I’m marinating in supplements but Josh had to go to doc today after 8 days of getting worse. Please be well soon. 🙂

  3. Besides…I am learning from you. I’m sure we’ll see things differently at times, but I sure appreciate, respect and value what you’ve written and what you stand for, and the challenges you generate in me. I liked the last article you posted on your training exercise (part 2). That’s the way a relationship is, interacting with another to find out more about yourself and being open to learning. And you never know, maybe there will just be one or two people that you so greatly impact, that that person will be the one to set your message on fire for the world to see.

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