A New Kind of Psychopath Pt. 4



Come with me as we take a journey through the mind of a complete, forking, psychopath.  Notice the cat by your leg, it is actually a tiger.  I stab you with a knife but I call the knife a hot dog so its ok.  Rain falls up here, and the cause is the effect.  Time moves backwards, and sideways and if you are lucky sometimes it twerks. 

This is from an actual conversation I had with LLL:

“Are you trying to tell me you think I hate your dog? I PUT UP WITH BEING CALLED A DOG HATER FOR A YEAR!”

Now I will show you how I “deconstruct the narrative” to find out who is speaking and how what they are saying has value and as we do so let us return to the conversation.  At this time I have gotten so consistent at using my theories that I…

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Calling the Game

Thought Technology

San Francisco 49ers v St. Louis Rams


This is a technique used by Joxua Luxor for dealing with psychopaths.  When he has discovered the “form of their conquest” he calls the game, which is telling them and others what they are doing, what pattern they are repeating.  Psychopaths don’t reform and in their conquest they are getting something out of what they are doing, their modus operandi, so by necessity they can’t stop doing what they are doing.  This forces the psychopath to become aware of themselves and others become aware of what the psychopath is doing and why.


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The Socrates Principle.

Thought Technology


I am going to preface this with the following quotes from the Crito, it will become evident why later.

“Crito: But do you see.  Socrates, that the opinionof the many must be regarded, as is evident in your own case, because they can do the very greatest evil to anyone who has lost their good opinion?”

“And, indeed, I am ashamed not only of you , but of us who are your friends, when I reflect that this entire business of yours will be attributed to our want of courage.  The trial need never have come on…  Which is the crowning absurdity, will seem to have been permitted by us, through cowardice and baseness, …if we had been good for anything and we did not see how disgraceful, socrates, and also miserable all this will be to us as well as to you.”

Socrates responds:”…..the opinions of some men…

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The Way of the Highest, Ineffable, Tao.

Shivastus Solomonicus


Original Photoshop by Joxua Luxor, Iconographic Art

Hello, Students of the Occult, this is Noah Socrates speaking to you from the Akashic Library via Aetheriphone.  The Master Teacher was versed in the lore and styles of Wisdom traditions from all over the world and throughout time.  In this fascinating piece he writes a short story about Lao Tzu adding to the Legacy of the man and in a way redefining it.  The typography of the story is amazing, the parable thought provoking, and the meaning very useful.  Please enjoy this Zen like prose…

from the Lingayat of Shivastus Solomonicus

One day Master Lao Tzu went into Nature in a contemplative state.  He asked Nature, “What is the secret to attaining the highest, perfect, Tao?”

The Mountain Goat approached and said, “You must climb very high to attain it.” 

The Snake said, “You must make yourself very humble to receive it.” 

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Infernal Machine (poem)


From the Lingayat of Shivastus Solomonicus

The Abyss Hath stared back into me.  Like Oedipus I want to pluck my eyes from my skull, never to see again.  I have seen inside this infernal machine, I understand its diabolical machinations.  I know its design, its function, its purpose.

The Cross that I bare, The burden of understanding, The guilt of this Forbidden Knowledge.  Knowing is a crime, comprehending the insanity, I cannot tell the cogs and if I did they couldn’t understand and wouldn’t believe me.  The scope is too grand, the unmasking of the Architect whose hidden hand contrived this Master Plan.

The madness of the Human Condition is infuriating, to know the future and not be able to affect it, to change it.  To see the conclusion and be impotent to avoid it.  To undo the error of the beginning.  The nature of this Juggernaut itself must change.  Every sprocket, every gear, transformed, every function perfected, in order for the beast to transcend.  Behemoth to Revelation, Abomination to perfection, a Herculean task to be sure…

It is unlawful to bring light into this world and I am the most wanted criminal.  A world hostile to reason, deaf to logic, blind to wisdom, and incapable of understanding.  Whore ship these false idols of Ego, Money, and a Life of ease devoid of substance, clean on the outside but polluted and putrid on the inside.



Ascending Dragon Style Tai Chi


Now you are ready to try exercise 2.  Using the exact same rules as exercise 1 with the exception that you can move your feet, try to get the other person to step outside of the ring.  Remember there are no points so perfect your craft and enjoy the game.  Don’t forget your protective eye wear.  This exercise is good for wrestlers, aikido, sumo , judo practitioners, wing chun, and kung fu.  Remember there is no striking.  There is going to be some shouldering and the impact of a shoulder can feel very much like a strike.  Please do not take advantage of this and use it as a strategy for an empty, meaningless, sense of victory.  Stay in relationship with your craft.  It should be decided ahead of time if hip throws and leg drops are acceptable.  Also joint locks and pankration can be practiced in this ring.  The…

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