Reverand Keith Milton Rhinehart

ImageFor years there was literally no information on the internet about this man, only recently have I been able to find any internet content.  I first went to the Aquarian Foundation near Bruce Lee’s grave and near the Theosophical library on capital hill in Seattle Washington by accident.  The economy had tanked, I was living out of a car in a very bad situation in a very bad relationship and I hated my life.  As I was walking north on the street something literally sucked me into this building that looked like a house.  I just veered left.

There were crystals, and books everywhere, the actual meeting was kind of bizarre, we sang some hymns he had written that were essentially affirmations from such beings as Koot Humi, Morya, and Count Saint Germaine.  The walls were decorated with depictions of the ascended masters.  After the service they had coffee and they did reiki on one another.  Most of the people there were old and sickly.  The place had an energy but not because of the people it attracted or the people that held rank in the church.

There was an old book there that had some weird pictures.  The good Reverend had been the foremost physical phenomenon medium in the world and the most rigorously scientifically tested.   They had taken him to Japan where scientists there strapped him to a chair, put ink in his mouth, taped his mouth, wrote over the tape onto his skin, and photographed him with special cameras in a pitch black room.  What he could do was expel ectoplasm through his facial cavities and then a being could manifest in the ectoplasm and speak and move.

That wasn’t all he did, he could also apport gems from Shambala, I saw many of the crystals that he apported some of them being very rare and valuable others being made out of plastic.  Apportation is when somebody manifests something (usually an object) in the internal ectoplasm inside a beings physical body, the gem then had to be cut out of his flesh.  As far as I know this left no permanent scars and they healed quickly, the sheer size of some of the objects was astounding.  He once materialized a crystal hammer that was so large it had to be manifested in stages and assembled afterwards.

I eventually broke up with my girlfriend at that time, a psychologist that worked at the VA who had started sleeping with her patients and doing meth.  She also was the one that took me to New York to Gurumayi for my shaktipat initiation.  Our time had ended, and I was stranded in Everett, sleeping in a field in a large abandoned sewer pipe that had never been installed and was discarded.  It was very cold and rainy.  I would make fires and I am sure some of the logs I burned had benzine in them most likely.  In the mornings I had to walk two miles across the bridge with eagles perched all over.  Somehow I ended up on a store owned by a witch, Jana Moonflower, she had been Reverend Keith Milton Rhineharts main disciple.

She was trying to open up a new age store but she was behind on her taxes, she couldn’t make any sales, and her pot head daughter (who was unemployed) and her useless husband both thought she would fail and they wouldn’t help her.  Enter myself.  She bought me dinner every night and I could earn books and crystals and magickal implements, she tracked my hours and gave me a little cash every once in a while.  I was grateful because i made more money than if I went to the Calvary church and did their lawn maintenance for 5 dollars an hour.

We finished her taxes in time, I rearranged her displays and sales started picking up.  She told me about Keith and her experiences with them about how UFO’s would follow him in the skys, and about how he planted crystals all over the earth in key points.  She told me that the entire purpose of the Aquarian Foundation was to promote the Master Seances that he had channeled, the teachings from the Ascended Masters speaking through him.  Many of the churches had lost the manuscripts.  When I moved to California we went to one of the Aquarian Foundation meetings that was run by some 40 year old woman who had essentially hijacked the meetings and usurped Keith’s authority in order to use the attention for her own means and teachings.  Needless to say she was very nervous when she found out who I was and where I came from.  Jana had me convert the good Reverends hard copies onto computer files, and while I was doing so I was also exposed to most of his teachings.

One of the more interesting points that he made was that when you step foot on a spiritual path, a small image of you appears in crystal form in the presence of a spiritual master in Shambalah, as you progress on your path the Master is capable of knowing everything that is going on with you and communicating with you telepathically.  The image will increase in size or diminish in size or change color and this is all a way of letting the Master know how you are doing on your path and what you are in need of to keep growing.

Jana taught me gem or color magick.  She was psychic and she once did a reading on me.  She wanted to see who my guardian spirit was and when it appeared to her she almost fainted, it was the largest red dragon she had ever seen, I knew that it wasn’t just a large red dragon it was the Red Dragon.  It had come through me to protect me before, I didn’t know this, when I was close to death it kept me alive, when I was being attacked it protected me.  I had gone into episodes before where I started growling a deep throaty guttural growl that literally rattled peoples knees and made them shake and quiver and petrified them.  When something was wrong he was there with a vengeance.

Her husband, I can’t remember his name was this tall, arrogant, smug, hippy.  He had a superior aura, the kind of person who wasn’t interested in evaluating people correctly, he was only interested in his superiority over them.  It was obvious to me that he was an acid burn out.  He reminded me of George Carlin and I knew that we must have some shared DNA because of his last name.  He would sit at his little work table making crappy useless trinkets like walking sticks, burning incense, and reading.  He was obsessed with smells of things and hyper vigilant against all bad smells, like a hamburger from Wendy’s.

One day he came out of his little cave telling me that he had read something and he felt he needed to share it with me.  It was an exert from THE MIDDLE PILLAR by Israel Regardie, little did I know that  later in life I would meet a personal friend of Israel’s and a co author with him (lon milo duquette).  What he read was a piece about one who is coming with a sword.  It spoke to me, I told him that I was the one coming with the sword, he wrinkled up his nose and shook his head, there was no way I could be special because he was so special and if I was special he would know it.


As it became apparent that the business was going to succeed and survive, all of a sudden David and his daughter began taking an interest in it and started positioning themselves to squeeze me out.  They didn’t want me being successful, they didn’t even want me to have an opportunity to be successful.  Jana set me up to teach classes and as soon as I announced that I would be teaching classes, well my relationship with them ended shortly after that.  Appreciation for all of my hard work…

Any way it is of interest to me that now you can find information on Reverend Keith Milton Rhinehart now when you couldn’t find anything about him a few years ago, and of course my connection with him posthumously.  Jana never mentioned to me that he had been gay.  In a way I am an heir to his legacy, he is one of my many influences.

28 thoughts on “Reverand Keith Milton Rhinehart”

  1. Keith was a dear friend of mine. He lived with me for about a month before he passed. He was a dear man with a true gift….and I learned a lot from him. He is still close to my heart.

  2. Wow, so cool to read about your experience. I was pretty young when I went to the foundation. My aunt and I used to hang out at his house. He was an amazing human being and I really loved and admired him.

    I think of him from time to time. I miss him and the people. Such a wonderful mix of humanity. I moved to Alaska for 20 years and lost touch. When I came back to Washington I went to the foundation. I was 1 of maybe 4 others. And they played a recording that was so bad I couldn’t understand hardly a word. Very screechy and distorted. It made me sad so I haven’t been back.

    It was fun seeing all the images though. The years I spent at the foundation set me on my path. It was truly an amazing place.

  3. Hi, I am the Pot head daughter. Thanks that was really uncalled for. I worked hard the first 4 years that store existed. In fact I worked 10 hour days 7 days a week for no pay for the first 2 years. And I made half the inventory. So what if I smoke pot. I do it because I have a medical condition since birth. You know zero about my family or Keith. Who I lived with for many years. And she was not just opening a new age store then, it had been going for some years when you showed up. I am glad you helped her, but you do her a disservice demeaning her family. My dad may have been arrogant but he is not now. After the years of horrors they have been through for the last 10 years… Mom is in a bad place, and almost died. So dad is not who he was. This article hurts my soul. Thank you for that. You really could have written this without the harsh criticism of dad and me, and still made your point. But by the criticism you show you too are arrogant and look to evaluate people incorrectly.
    Tamara Sulc, Daughter of Janice Benson, AKA Jana Moonflower.

    1. Your mother was paying me $5 an hour. She owed me a lot of money when she canned me because of advice from somebody. Probably your dad. I also kept her from smashing her teeth out on a fender when she tripped over one of those wooden parking blocks behind the store. I owe back-stabbing, social-climbers, Nothing. Your Father is a douche. He’s an acid burnout. He cheated on your mother with everyone and everything. His family also sucks. Arrogant, Narcissistic, wannabe warlocks like that silver-haired family that worships Voldemort in the Harry Potter series.

      1. Well, your opinion is yours, and I am not here to change that. I did want you to know I had zero to do with you getting fired. Mom used me too, and dad was worse. I left a job to help mom. I never wanted her to fail. I am an artist, that is my life. Not that store. I tried to tell her that it was awesome she wanted to do it but that after 13 years in a seriously abusive relationship, I finally got free, and wanted to have a career of my own. I wanted to help her get it off the ground, but I wanted to also get my life going. I had to leave, I needed to have a life of my own. I am sure you understand that. I am still here to talk to about Keith, their teachings are paramount. I love sharing about their life. I refuse to live my life in judgement, and even though you say those things I will not let them be hurtful. I will however be happy to anytime you like meet up or talk this out like adults and possibly help you learn more about Rev. Rhineheart. You have my e-mail below. I would like to at least resolve this between us so we can move forward in light.

  4. You know Adam had you not been so judgmental about myself, and my father. I would have been happy to expound on your information on Keith. I did grow up in the church. Also your statement above that the apports had to be cut from his body is not accurate. The stones would appear on the piano, the podium, in the air where they would drop to the floor. In peoples hands, their laps. In short they would appear all over. I have so many stories I could tell that would blow the minds of your followers. Remember next time you catch more with honey, than vinegar, and you can burn a bridge with words. I wish that you had been nicer. I would have loved to tell you, and your people everything I know. The teachings need to get out there. The church is failing in their mission. And it pains me that all his work is going to just disappear.

      1. I have some hand typed copies of lessons, and my mom has a bunch of tapes and written copies. But they are originals.

  5. Hi Tumara.. thank for responding.. Is there anyway I could read or here any of the material? Wes rote a book available at FSSH. Wes passes 2 years ago. Steve had a stroke and is living in assisted living. Do you know where Alan & Ann are

    1. Please contact me at And I will give you my phone # so we can talk. I had no idea Wes passed, is Kathy still alive? Where is Steve, I would love to talk to him he is my foster dad and I have lost contact with him for the last 15 years. And no I have no idea where Alan and Ann are, I wish I did they were two of my favorite people.

      1. Tamara, I would like to point out that this only happened because of my blog. We may not agree on a lot of things but we can create value for one another. I had to approve every comment.

  6. Furthermore, I am still interested in doing that interview with you before I get censored off the internet. 7 day Facebook ban for saying something that was true.

    1. Thank you for that. Also I think it is awesome that even though we do disagree on some things we can still be friends. I would love to do that interview. just let me know when and where and how.

      1. Let’s try tomorrow, I will have to see if the interview function is still available on my YouTube account. And if my camera still works…

  7. I would love more details on where the interview will be published so I can check it out. I think Kathy if it’s same one is the spiritual leader in Anchorage where I became a member. Would love to hear more about Master Kumara and also have the same questions as to why it’s not more widely known about him or the church and it’s teachings

    1. I doubt it is the Same Kathy. That Kathy was married to Wes. I believe that the reasons are two fold. in the beginning. One Kumara believed that when they student was ready they would find the church so there was little done in the past to advertise. The point was not to gain members but to gain the right members. True seekers will always find their way to the light. And secondly there was a lot of political stuff going on. What Kumara did was kind of frowned upon for a plethora of reasons not the least of which that it encouraged free thought, skepticism, and a certain amount of questioning. Along with the fact that the masters came to teach us that we have power over our environment through our own sheer force of will, we have the ability to heal, and to become beings of light and love who transcend this mortal coil. And those are very dangerous things to publicly teach. Now I believe that a lack of good leadership is why it is failing today. I could go into why that is but I will save the rest for the interview.

      1. Cool. I do not have a video camera set up, I have one. I just have not set it up..I will see what I can do to remedy that. Send me a message on g-mail and I will let you know how that goes.

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