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False Dilemma or Dichotomy



A false dichotomy or false dilemma occurs when an argument presents two options and ignores, either purposefully or out of ignorance, other alternatives.


In general, a false dichotomy gives the impression that the two oppositie options are mutually exclusive (that is, only one of them may be the case, never both) and that at least one of them is true, that is, they represent all of the possible options.


False dichotomy examples


For example, the claim that “you’re either with me, or you’re against me” is an example of a false dichotomy. This form of rhetoric is used to persuade or even threaten, but it ignores the fact that the individual or group addressed may have a neutral opinion towards the speaker. It is logically possible for someone to be neither with nor against an individual.


A more obvious example would be the…

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Shaman’s Dream

The Vampire Azrael




If he wasn’t his body, his heart, or his mind what could he possibly be, Alex pondered on his hour long drive back to Stanwood.  If he wasn’t his heart and his mind could he still be his emotions and his thoughts?  Would those still exist when everything else was gone?  Interesting subject.  Would there be anything of him that survived after death?  and if so how, and why?  Does the soul remain after death, and if so what is the soul?  An interesting subject of contemplation for him in the hot tub.  He was surprisingly calm in light of the events of the next day, maybe it was cognitive dissonance, maybe ignorance, he didn’t know, but he felt it was better to not worry about it and imagine all of the terrible things that could happen and as far as he knew this was…

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Mistakes people make in Judgment



Strategic behavior can be irrational insofar as it deviates from rational and sustainable behavior depending on the environment and teleology of events.  It would be silly to blame a person in an irrational environment for behaving strategically, since that person couldn’t survive any other way.  Likewise strategic behavior in a rational environment is more egregious but people seem to be able to get away with it by making certain emotional appeals and throwing histrionic fits.  


In the Harry Potter movie, Harry behaves strategically and uses his magick and irrational act, in a rational environment, but he is provoked by a Dementor attacking himself and his relative.  So, teleologically speaking he behaved irrationally in a rational environment after being provoked by an irrational action, why is this ok? 

Jus ad bellum

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Just cause/ Right intention[edit]

According to the principle of right…

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