Mistakes people make in Judgment



Strategic behavior can be irrational insofar as it deviates from rational and sustainable behavior depending on the environment and teleology of events.  It would be silly to blame a person in an irrational environment for behaving strategically, since that person couldn’t survive any other way.  Likewise strategic behavior in a rational environment is more egregious but people seem to be able to get away with it by making certain emotional appeals and throwing histrionic fits.  


In the Harry Potter movie, Harry behaves strategically and uses his magick and irrational act, in a rational environment, but he is provoked by a Dementor attacking himself and his relative.  So, teleologically speaking he behaved irrationally in a rational environment after being provoked by an irrational action, why is this ok? 

Jus ad bellum

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Just cause/ Right intention[edit]

According to the principle of right…

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Walmart, Wild Oats, and Whole Foods

Organicly Groan


Allow myself to announce the new burger wars (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burger_Wars) it is really a matter of the economy, but this is an attempt by Walmart to steal Wholefoods clientele, will it succeed?  In a word, no, it will not.  It is not enough items to be a draw to get Whole Foods customers to come over to Walmart.  Unless they add a lot more items and things that people can really sink their teeth into, like organic beef or chicken, that would be a draw.   The ambiance at Walmart is terrible, the customer service is almost non-existent, and there are not enough items.  It is an interesting trend, you have Dunkin Donuts competing with Starbucks for their market share, Taco Bell going against McDonald’s in the food flavored, semi-edible, food like objects category.  This should let everybody know that the economy is bad and it is only going to get worse in…

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Of Light and Dark

The Vampire Azrael




“Now,”  began Archimedes, “I know this seems like a formality but you have to be sworn in and although this seems trivial I assure you that it is not.  You will be held to the rules, even though you don’t know them, and I will do my best to teach them to you retroactively, I know that this is a huge breach of protocol and absolutely not ideal, but unfortunately necessary.  Do you agree to take the oath?  Once you take the oath, you are bound by it for life.”  

“And if I don’t take it, then I am probably going to die anyway or something terrible is going to happen?”  asked Alex.  

“Most assuredly.”  Archimedes voice lowered and slowed as he said this showing absolutely no sign that he wasn’t supremely confident in what he was saying.  

“Well then I…

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