A little bit on my experiences today.


I posted a vague prediction for this July 4th yesterday or the day before, I want to reiterate, that what I am seeing today gives me some confirmation.  I read peoples faces like books.  There was an extra nastyness and adversariality on peoples faces and in their behavior.  Lots of opportunistic obstructionism.  That is when people get in your way, it is comorbid with a covertly hostile, passive aggressive personality, it is sadistic because the person enjoys taking value from you.  You are aware of them not being concernful of you.  Very common in China, and the Mexicans started doing it over here when it became obvious they were not as well liked as they wanted to be in America, mainly because they were ALL up here.  So they started driving 5 miles under the speed limit, and walking slower than everybody else.  While doing so they were forcing the frame that they were the culture of pleasantness.  That in comparison the America apparently the culture of rudeness…

It is interesting, I feel in a way that people are picking up on something bad happening in the future and it is expressing itself through their emotions.  They are feeling it on a subconscious level and unaware of it and it is manifesting in their behavior.  


The Problem with Occam’s Razor.




The way in which Occam’s Razor edit’s it’s applicability set is in receiving and collecting knowledge.  It is NOT good for teaching.  

The mind is an association making machine.  It associates things with one another.  Words are like throwing a lasso around a bunch of random objects and connecting them with a narrative.  This is based on my Shared State Theory of Communication.  What do a cat, a man’s head, ice cream, and a red wall have in common?  Nothing, until you have experienced the state in which they are all related.  When teaching or persuading you have to know how to inceive the data.  


In order to do this you have to wrap your mind around that of the person that you are trying to persuade or teach.  It is the art of how minds meet.  I have to know how the person will receive the data and interpret the data.  As a shaktipat guru, and as a zen master, this is the trick.  I have been accused of being a mentalist.  I have been accused of being demonically possessed.  On facebook I was nicknamed “the Mindhacker”.  

When I was 16 I studied every book I could on super-memory, mnemonics, speed reading, any book that had to do with increasing your abilities.  I forced myself to do strenuous mental exercises in visualization.  Eventually, I realized that I could do things with my brain that was not normal.  I did not think like other people.  I wasn’t like other people.  Not that I was particularly normal before my mental exercises….

I wasn’t allowed to associate with other children because my Jehovah’s Witness family was too holy, I was kept on a very short leash.  I was constantly trying to get away from my experience of life.  I wanted to revolutionize the education industry.  Understanding how people receive and interpret data, I wanted to make associations that were easier to remember than they were to forget.  But people always reacted badly to everything I did.  My parents didn’t understand me, they thought something was wrong with me, my mother once accused me of being possessed, an elder in the congregation once told me I looked like Lucifer, he was very serious.  




People have thresholds, thresholds of pleasure, and of pain.  Most people can’t stretch their minds too far without it snapping back and being traumatized.  I drive people crazy because I push them past threshold after threshold until they can’t take it anymore.  I don’t do it intentionally, I am just trying to be me and express myself.  

Now what I do is I take a morsel of knowledge and I set it on the ground and I let people pick it up if they want.  I am tired of people freaking out and physically attacking me (yes it still happens, too frequently).  I like myself too much to allow myself to be subject to that constant abuse, or to be lead by the stupider person in the relationship.  

If you want to change people’s minds you have to let them figure it out for themselves.  People like to figure things out for themselves. Just like a joke.  A reasonable person will assume that you are talking about something important and they will try to figure out what you are meaning.  They will try to look from your perspective, but you also have to look from their perspective, get inside their head and look out of their eyes.  It is not enough in relationship to only look from your own perspective, rational relationship requires mutual understanding. 


Research now tells us that narrative is very important in connecting facts, we remember facts in a matrix of narrative, a story we tell ourselves.  I do know and I have known people that worship factoids.  They live in a world of facts, things that are, and their is no understanding, these people have no personalities.  They know that, they don’t know why or how.  People are motivated by different things, they are interested in different things.  

To be non delusional towards facts and yet to relate to people in a delusional way…. Facts are not harmed by being delusional about them.  When you emotionally abuse people in order to get them to change their minds, what you do is reify an association with whatever it is that you are trying to get them to understand.  Due to the averseness of the mind it reacts against what it doesn’t like.  I rescued a little puppy, I called her pazuzu, she is very aggressive and territorial.  She growls if anybody in her pack, including myself shows affection to a strange dog.  The funny thing is that when I go to pet the dog without her there the dogs act as though I was the one growling at them.  They associate me with the growling.  People will also associate the nastiness of the Atheist trolls with Science and everything else that Atheists conflate themselves with.  

This isn’t a rebuke to you.  I like you.  I know you have a kind heart.  I am just trying to help people figure things out. 



Sex Equality in America



First of all we have to examine how we got into this predicament in the first place.  We assumed that there was no difference between men and women, first unproven presupposition.  Secondly, when we saw evidence that this wasn’t the case we concealed it, ignored it, and lied about it.  When we saw that men excelled in certain fields like maths and sciences, we assumed that their was prejudice and discrimination and that men were to blame.  We assumed some nefarious manipulation by men in order to make that the case.  We assumed it was wrong and bad and needed to be changed.  We assumed it was unnatural.  

When women were allowed in the maths and sciences nothing much changed as far as proportions of male to female scientists and the grades also did not change.  (http://www.livescience.com/1927-men-dominate-math-science-fields.html)  So what we did is we discouraged men from going into fields they were…

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