Bacha Bazi: Male Child Sex Slaves in Islam.


Much thanks to Vlad Tepes blog for helping me find the terms I was looking for in my research of this article and the key verses from the Quran.  A link to his article at the bottom of this piece.  And thanks to Chris Roberts for the chart from the U.K. showing the proportion of sex crimes by denomination.   

Bacheh-baazi (from Persianبچه‌بازی, meaning “pedophilia, pederasty“), also known as bacchá (from the Persian بچه, “child, kid”) or bacha bi-reesh (بچه بی‌ریش, “beardless boy”), is a slang term that is commonly used for sexual slavery and child prostitution[1] in which prepubescent and adolescent boys are sold to wealthy or powerful men for entertainment and sexual activities. This business thrives in Afghanistan, where men keep them as status symbols.[2][3] Some of the individuals involved report being forced into sex. The authorities are barely attempting to crack down on the practice but many doubt it would be effective since many of the men are powerful and well-armed former commanders.[4]

Something was brought to my attention recently by a friend of mine that lived in Dubai.  Based on the way the Muslim culture and relationships are set up, what I refer to as relational data, something that many people are incapable of understanding.  Their relationship with the world and one another creates a pattern on the earth, and this pattern is repeated.  This pattern also creates emergent properties.  People can make normative predictions and judgments, but when you don’t understand the culture, the mentality, and their norms, your predictions are bound to fail and your efforts to reform them guaranteed to be thwarted.  You have to understand them as they are in their suchness.  Only then can you be in relationship with them properly.  

According to my friend, when she was living in Dubai, women can’t go anywhere unattended by a male.  It is a man’s world.  Whereas in our country women can go everywhere they want without scrutiny or criticism the same it true for men in the Muslim world.  Men are considered apriorily good and women apriorily bad.  Which means that a man can be close to the children without being reproached or suspect.  Fathers can go on Sabbaticals with their sons.  Without a concern for what the mothers think.  


Men and women are kept separate in this society.  Women associate with women and men with men.  Women are considered inferior.  Women are only a necessity for reproduction.  Not good for conversation or companionship.  The women, conversing among themselves, know that the father will eventually molest the male child.  So they prepare the male child for this event by placing objects in his rectum so that when he is eventually raped by the father it will not hurt as bad.  



The below verses from the Quran show how they justify this practice every Muslim male competes to have the most beautiful male disciple or philosophical student:


***Koran sura 56.17-18 They shall recline on jewelled couches face to face, and there shall wait on them immortal youths with bowls and ewers and a cup of purest wine ……..

***Koran sura 52.24 And there shall wait on them (the Muslim faithful males) young boys of their own, as fair as virgin pearls.

***Koran sura 76.19 They shall be attended by boys graced with eternal youth, who will seem like scattered pearls to the beholders.

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16 thoughts on “Bacha Bazi: Male Child Sex Slaves in Islam.”

  1. Lets analyse the homosexuality matter in Islam. If we are going to make a fair enough judgment the best way is to investigate Islamic resources rather than just some pictures and so on. Because a picture or a video or a news does not represent the Islamic ideology. I found about homosexuality in many resources and here I just mention some vessels from Quran:

    “what! do you indeed approach men lustfully rather than women? nay, you are a people who act ignorantly”

    “lo! ye come with lust unto men instead of women. nay, but ye are wanton folk.”

    And the people of Lut (homosexuals) got a punishment from God.


    “and (we sent) lut when he said to his people: most surely you are guilty of an indecency which none of the nations has ever done before you;”
    “what! do you come to the males and commit robbery on the highway, and you commit evil deeds in your assemblies? but nothing was the answer of his people except that they said: bring on us God’s punishment, if you are one of the truthful”
    “he said: my lord! help me against the mischievous people”
    “and when our messengers came to ibrahim with the good news, they said: surely we are going to destroy the people of this town, for its people are unjust”
    “he said: surely in it is lut. they said: we know well who is in it; we shall certainly deliver him and his followers, except his wife; she shall be of those who remain behind”
    “and when our messengers came to lut he was grieved on account of them, and he felt powerless (to protect) them; and they said: fear not, nor grieve; surely we will deliver you and your followers, except your wife; she shall be of those who remain behind”
    “surely we will cause to *come down* upon the people of this town *a punishment* from heaven, because they transgressed”

    So, it can be vividly seen homosexuality is a big sin in Islam and has a great punishment.
    If some people do it or some people spread some gossips about that, its not true.

    1. I don’t debate Muslim apologists, Islam is a two-faced psychopathic religion. It conceals its true nature and reveals itself strategically. Because of the practice of Taqiyya authorities on Islam cannot be trusted especially if they are Muslim. I am a jnana guru and as such I know more about Islam than some novice. Islam has an oral tradition on top of the Hadith, which is the proper interpretation of the Quran. So their is the scripture, and then there is the explication of the scripture, and then there is the connotation oral tradition which is the spirit of the scripture handed down through the initiates.

      1. Its is not two faced. The word Taqiyya means protecting and it is used to conceal your ideas and your religion in order to avoid getting damaged as in the past and still some places now, people are killed because of their believes. No body is allowed to lie, in Quran explicitly mentioned lier is enemy of God.
        About the oral tradition, since there were and are some people who make false Hadithes, those Hadithes need to be matched with Quran unless they are fake. So the principal resource is the book and any oral, Hadith, text any thing which is contradiction with Quran is not acceptable.

      2. by a two faced religion I mean it is psychopathic and psychopaths are pathological liars. The culture is psychopathic the people are psychopathic. Islam is the MOST intolerant religion in the world and by far the leading religion in religious persecution. You are horrible people and you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

        I am sorry, I take that back, you are not people, people are homo sapiens, wise men, what you are is dogs and pigs, haram.

      3. No, stupid, I didn’t use any curse words. You should know that since you come from a culture that teaches it’s children black magick from a young age to put eyeball hexes on anybody that isn’t Muslim.

        The Evil Eye has been around since the beginning of time. It simply means sending someone a thought that seems intrusive or invasive or has the power to hurt him or her. The bad fortune that results is considered to have been caused by envy. The evil eye is not necessarily considered to be intentional or associated with witchcraft or sorcery. Oddly enough, this thought form could actually be complimentary in nature. The origins of the Evil Eye are Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean. The concept was introduced into the Americas, South Pacific Islands, Asia, Africa and Australia by European explorers.

      4. “you are not people, people are homo sapiens, wise men, what you are is dogs and pigs, haram.”

        “dogs, pigs, haram, homo sapiens” are not curses? Do you say it to each other as daily greetings? like normal people say good morning?

        Are you ok or drank something?

      5. They are muslim curses used as a picture. Turnabout is fair play. I only say it to people that say it about others. Troll. You disgust me with your lies and manipulations, I feel like I am arguing with the devil. Incarnate evil.

    2. “The fact that bacha bazi, which has normalized sodomy and child abuse in rural Afghan society, developed within a deeply fundamentalist Islamic region of the world is mystifying. According to a 2009 Human Terrain Team study titled “Pashtun Sexuality,” Pashtun social norms dictate that bacha bazi is not un-Islamic or homosexual at all — if the man does not love the boy, the sexual act is not reprehensible, and is far more ethical than defiling a woman.”

      1. I don’t deny that some people are homosexual and do it anyway. Also some of them put a cover of religion on their dirty actions. All I am saying is that homosexuality is strongly forbidden in Islam. I am talking about Islam not “so called” Muslims.

  2. Bacha Bazi is a wide-spread practice in Islam and not just confined to Afghanistan. Indeed some off the Qoranic verses even sanction it.
    Another aspect of Islam which I find truly reprehensible and totally hypocritical is the muslims place themselves above all other human beings and call all non-muslims dogs ,pigs and the lowest and vilest of all creatures but are more than willing to have sex and rape them at the drop of a hat.
    And they call Islam a religion? Unbelievable.

    1. the Rapee is responsible not the Rapist. Later in life they can tell the victim that they are dirty in Allah’s eyes and need to purify themselves on Ramadan by Martyring themselves & killing Non-Muslims.

  3. To categorically denounce Islam is an act of ignorance. All religions have their disgusting flaws, yet millions flock to follow them. Pedophilia is not just attributed or sanctioned by Islam but go to the Vatican and see what is sanctioned, it has the largest following on earth. All religions are fairy tales, imaginations, and a political tool to keep people in control. To elevate one religion and put the other down is what religion likes. It portrays favoritism as “good.”

    You should also distinguish between Pedophilia and child or sexual molestation of minors. They are distinct psychologically. The former is a mental disorder and the other a crime.

    1. Islam is a piece of crap. Mohammed was a pedophile. Muslims are the most ignorant and least literate population on planet earth. How many Nobel Prizes have been won by Muslims for anything other than “Peace” or preventing Muslims from killing non-muslims???

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