People Defending Palestinians >:(((

2014 - 1

This really irks me.  When people open their big stupid yaps without knowing what they are talking about.  First of all, Palestine was originally populated by Jews who were persecuted and exiled out of just about everywhere by Persians constantly expanding their influence and control as the Jewish people tried to separate their identity from them.  As far as the idiot in the picture above conflating Mexicans with Native Americans, if the Mexicans had tried to immigrate en masse into the United States as we have allowed them to do, the “native Americans” in the united states would have gone to war with them.  Furthermore, Mexicans, as a culture do not have the authority to speak on the subject since as a culture they have never been able to fight of evil internally.  There was no rebellion against human sacrifice in Mexico which wasn’t going on that long ago, the reason why it ended was because those civilizations collapsed under their own weight and destroyed the land.  Furthermore, Mexican drug cartels are currently causing the influx of child immigrants fleeing violence and poverty in their own countries.  Mexicans come here for the quality of life without adopting our philosophy or our culture, expecting us to change our ways to accommodate them and presupposing their superiority.  Mexicans refer to themselves as La Raza, the Race, as in the only Race.  It isn’t Americans that are racist against Mexicans, it is Mexicans that are racist.  Hey Mexico, how about solving your own problems before offering advice or taking sides, especially when you don’t know anything about Islam or Palestinians.  Maybe mind your own business? Maybe let people who know what they are talking about speak?  For those with no understanding their science should be silence….



This little piece of tripe right here.  Spurious comparison.  

In statistics, a spurious relationship (not to be confused with spurious correlation) is a mathematical relationship in which two events or variables have no direct causal connection, yet it may be wrongly inferred that they do, due to either coincidence or the presence of a certain third, unseen factor (referred to as a “confounding factor” or “lurking variable“).


The only thing correct about the comparison is that their is a wall and there are Jews, in both situations the Jews are inside the walls.  I hate people.  WHY SO STUPID PEOPLE???  God, I feel like every day people are getting stupider and stupider…

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