Eating Dogs and Cats – Their Pain – Their Torture – Your Plate


Dog & cat market in South Korea

“These videos ARE very upsetting & mostly self explanatory, no point me writing what I think because I fear I would be thrown off this site!!  But if animal lovers & those that find this distressing, are ever going to stop this horrific slaughter, the public have to know & be educated to the torture that is happening to our canine friends. Ignorance is not bliss, if you love dogs, how would you feel if you were told your new coat was trimmed with a Spaniels dog hair, in fact how would you know? you can’t count on the label being correct!

 “Come on people, farm animals are treated with more compassion & slaughtered more humanely than these poor cat’s & dogs. Imagine, if someone took a calf out on a side street & proceeded to bash its skull in (to make it taste better) then…

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