Epistemology Paradox Where Psychology meets Philosophy



Ponder this, how is it that you know yourself and how is it that you know anything about the world or facts?

You know the world through yourself and you know yourself in relation to the world and the things in the world. 

Even your self image, the way you feel about yourself is determined in part by how people characterize you to yourself by how they react to you and how they treat you.  Also a lot of your self image is determined by what you don’t know about yourself.  Normal people are not depressed, but in psychology it is known that only depressed people evaluate themselves correctly.  If we examine the Dunning Kruger Effect this might be because the experienced individual compares themselves to people that are better than themselves and knows their own weaknesses and down-fallings.  Whereas an inexperienced person just has feelings about themselves.  The young…

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