The Spiritual Mach Effect

Shivastus Solomonicus


Ernst Mach suggested that as one approaches the speed of light or moves at all, the gravitational force of everything in the universe pushes against everything accelerating in the universe.

mass out there influences inertia here” Ernst Mach

I have noticed that genuinely, authentically, spiritual people often get ridiculously more resistance to their ideas than other people do.  I noticed that when I am Kicking Light people in Ego Conscious seem to act as a single unit to distract me or to antagonize me or shut me up.  I have confided in Patrick John Coleman (  that it is illegal to bring “light” or Wisdom into this world, because the Authoritarians in this world being predominantly psychopathic and narcissistic are in relationship with their authority and are only interested in increasing and expanding their authority.  Narcissistic, Psychopathic, Authoritarians will act as a single unit to protect each other’s authority…

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