Open Letter to Forbes Magazine.


“Fatal” really?  Who is going to kill him?  The Gumption to call Netanyahu two faced… Obama is the one being secretive and manipulative and making deals behind closed doors.  Obama is the on expanding his authority into a form of tyranny.

Your false categories of Friends and Friends, let me explain to everybody what you are really saying with you clever rhetoric.

Friends = Philoi = Fellow = Fraternity = Secret Society.


And you know as well as I do that the UAE also named CAIR as a terrorist organization.

You know as well as I do that their is a secret society infiltration going on right now and you are intentionally misleading and lying.  I am going to continue pointing out all of your little slips.  And the conversations that you are having in public that you think are so sneaky and nobody can figure it out.  Your days are numbered, and if you were smart you would get all of the secrets out in the open, before it is too late.



2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Forbes Magazine.”

  1. Good work, @JoshuaLuxor I am honored! Thank you and I will share your work too…
    I expect to offend, so if we yell enough at each other, we get it out of our system, I come in peace, and we introduced ourselves YELLING so where do we go from here?
    I am a Syrian who claims to want to make peace! I blog at I’ve singled BIBI as reckless NARCISSISTIC Coward!
    Narcissistic: Because like CHURCHILL (he was a COWARD TOO) he does not know when to get off the stage so we can make peace, never mind the Palestinians, They are SYRIANS!
    COWARD: Because I’ve watched BIBI since 1992 and the wonderful way he got rid of Saddam, then I thought he would turn to peace, NOOOO, he said anted to stay on the stage so he incited you COWARDS to kill Yitzhak Rabin so he can take power and kill the peace!
    How much longer? Anyone but BIBI the COWARD PLEEEEEZE

    1. thank you amid, and I agree we need to make a very large noise to get all of the secrets out in the open and to put pressure on the people manipulating others from behind the scenes.

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