Criticism of Modern Psychology.



First of all, let me make it clear this is not a criticism of Freud, in all actuality it is a defense of Freud.  The psychological field has moved away from Sigmund’s model of the human as an animal motivated by sex.  That frame is unpleasant to the feminine perspective which doesn’t like to allow itself to be scrutinized or criticized and Freud’s model creates a disparate impact that favor’s men.  Which isn’t to say that it is invalid.  A meritocracy of reason creates a disparate impact as well because all people are not equally reasonable, or motivated to become reasonable, or even wanting to become reasonable.

The problem is that women don’t want to think negatively about themselves, so a meritocracy of pleasantness was instituted, which means if anybody is offended that people feel sympathetic too, you can’t say it even if it is true.  Which means that Modern Psychology has…

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