The Concealed Narrative and Psychopathology


Something I wanted to point out about the difference between a Psychopath and a Sociopath, the psychopath has a concealed narrative, which is to say they have compartmentalized a portion of their identity, and you don’t know how much of their personality is concealed.  They are also closetedly narcissistic about this concealed part of their personality.  Psychopaths don’t advertise that they are psychopaths, they assume the mantle of mental health and even authority.  They think that you can’t tell what they are really doing because they were over coddled as children, their toxic mother figures protecting their issues and delusions as well as their health, and creating an environment for the Psychopath to manipulate their toxic mother figures (enablers) whether they were male or female.

Psychopaths have a guilty knowledge of their inability to compete, which is why they use the strategy of concealment, and opportunism.  They have to strike…

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