Obama Hates America: Open letter to Larry Wilmore.


How is criticizing and scrutinizing and disagreeing with the president racist?  It sounds to me that you are suggesting that even though Obama is the most powerful man in the world he is still a permanent victim because he is black.


Let’s scrutinize the ideology by which Obama was raised.  Was he raised like us?


Or was he born rich and lived a privileged sheltered life in which the laws that applied to everybody else didn’t apply to him?


Let’s go back a few steps.  What does it mean to love America?  Does it mean to love the values of America?  or does it mean to love the people in America?  Or does it mean to love the constitution of America and abide by it?  I think it is obvious to everybody that he only loves the Brown to black Americans, and not even Americans, as we speak he is collapsing the border and trying to allow illegals to work, and vote, and get insurance paid for by others.  Which is to say that people that know nothing about this country, who do not respect the laws of this country, now have the ability to influence the substance of this country.


Furthermore, one of the tenets of this country, which was set up to protect us from any form of Tyranny, which is why we have the separation of powers.  Is that you don’t write and pass laws yourself.  That is a tyrannical act that violates the separation of powers.  We are a representative democracy to protect us from a from of tyranny known as the Tyranny of the stupid majority.  Which Obama is invoking.  Making all Americans the equals of illegal, uneducated, immigrants, who hate Americans and  whom he wants us to now compete with politically and financially in a stagnant economy.  It probably won’t effect him or you living in your ivory towers for a while, but it will effect the working class American and the state. untitled

f Giuliani doesn’t get to determine who loves the country, how is it you get to decide what it means to be racist?

obama hates america

You use the Race Card because Giuliani used the 911 card.  Let me ask you a question, did you experience slavery?  Have you experienced discrimination based on your race or your sex?  I have, lot’s of it all my life.  I have been physically beaten up several times in my life because of my race, I have been discriminated against at work all of my life because of my race and my sex.  I have been denied promotions and harassed by people in my company because of my race and my sex.  Both sides of my family, which were large families, were almost entirely in landscape maintenance in Phoenix Arizona.  They had to compete with uninsured, uneducated, illegal immigrants, who would steal their equipment and under bid them.  My father took college classes, went to seminars, and got licensed to expand his business.  But Americans like yourself, who like to think that they are good open-minded and merciful people, would hire the illegals.  Guess how many of my family members are still in Landscape Maintenance?  That’s right, zero.  I wish you would have to compete for your job with illegal immigrants, you arrogant pizza shirt.


One thought on “Obama Hates America: Open letter to Larry Wilmore.”


    Dear Larry Wilmore [The Tonight Show]

    I am NO fan of the Kardashians but I just watched your episode long attack of Bruce Jenner and his transition [a mental, sexually insular, dimorphic issue]. You don’t understand it, I don’t understand it… a lot of people will not understand it but I found your show [or this episode] incredibly offensive, devoid of humour and uneducated… I did not chuckle once and I’m the twat that will laugh at a funeral… you managed to offend several demographics all for the sake of a few jokes, jokes that flat lined anyway.

    I will not watch your bully boy show again… Last time I seen that kind of easy targeting was David Letterman’s attack on Lindsay Lohan. It’s hate mongering, lacking in sensitivity and ignorant in its approach.

    I am very disappointed as you are promoting this sort of hate on you show for cheap thrills… If you want to go for the Kardashian’s do so all day long but don’t go for the one serious issue that family have produced… finally!

    I think the LGBT community should boycott or take you down… personally I thought it pathetic and cheap, real cheap.
    N-Word… you mean NIGGER right..? saying the N-Word is the same thing, just hidden behind a cowardly facade. TRANNY is NOT the same as the N-Word and never has been… a few straight people cannot lay that law or push their own beliefs or agendas onto a community they do not comprehend, one that does not want your input or care to be dragged [excuse the pun] into PC nonsense… They don’t care what the hetro-sexual community think of them and rightfully so… They had enough black eyes to get over other unimportant opinions of them.

    Tranny is tranny… its a word that has been owned and embraced as long as it has been used, see Rupaul for that schooling. Do not compare it to the N-word which is just a pussy way off saying NIGGER. N-Word that perpetuates a subliminal hatred that you as a black man are pushing… shame on you for your self loathing.
    Your show turned my stomach and thats that I guess.

    Well done and bravo to you and your moron army.


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