The Legend of Shivastus Solomonicus, and the beginning of Erosophy.

Shivastus Solomonicus

noah socrates

Hello Students of the Mysteries!  As you all know from where I am in the Akashic Library, all points in time are visible to me and present right now, all moments in the present and past are accessible to me, and for me time doesn’t exist.  Which means that every activity that has ever happened in the universe is oh so much knowledge that I have access too.  In one way, I am able to indulge one of the aspects of God head that being Omiscience, with the help of the Akashic Repository, I am in a way All Knowing or Omni Scient.  But I digress, back to my point, what we are going to be discussing today is a Legend that Evolved about Shivastus Solomonicus, My Guru, approximately 900 years after his death and it was written by Leo of Saturn, also known as the Blue Lion, or Leo…

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Deconstructing Obama’s Narrative.



One of the things I always found interesting is how a mentally ill person will almost immediately expose their issues to you.  A crazy person is in relationship with their issues.  When a person is traumatized, even if they are victimized by their own prejudices, their mind creates an auto-appraiser (Paul Ekman) an algorithm that constantly scans the environment for anything that reminds itself of the trauma.  When I created Shared State Theory of Communication which is based on how the brain works and how language works, I came up with the philosophical calculus:

“Whatever state a person is in, they communicate that state, even if they are trying to conceal it.”  Joxua Luxor

I refer to this in terms of what the person is in relationship with.  An insane person is in relationship with their issues not with reality.  An analytical person doesn’t warp and distort reality in their…

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Bombshell: Valerie Jarrett’s Father-in-Law Linked to OPEC Funded Islamic Plot to Fund Obama and Takeover the Presidency

A Time For Choosing

By Gary P Jackson

Got this Monday night from Jen Kuznicki, by way of Mark Mason. It’s a fantastic story that’s right out of a Tom Clancy kinda novel. Unfortunately, this is for real, and looking at all of President Obama’s actions since taking office in 2009, not hard to believe.

One can look to how President Obama has cozied up to the Islamic nations, while shunning the Christian and Jewish faiths. One can look at how President Obama helped facilitate the take-over of mostly stable nations by radical, savage Islamists in what was called an Arab Spring. One can also look at how President Obama said little and did nothing when Liberty and Freedom seeking Iranians attempted to overthrow the brutal regime they live under.

One can look at how President Obama has worked over time to hamper America’s ability to explore our own natural resources, like oil, while…

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Open Letter to Jon Stewart. GOOD BYE!!! :)))



Jon, I have watched your show, religiously, for years and enjoyed it.  You were always smarter than average and I valued your opinion.  But recently things have changed.  I know that you were encouraged when you were young to hob knob with the Hoi polloi but you, unlike myself, always had the option of going back to your parents, their connections, and their resources.  I didn’t have that option.  My success wouldn’t be determined by any connections or alliances that existed before my birth, in fact my parents not only didn’t have any connections they didn’t particularly like me. (  You were born on the other side of the finish line with a silver spoon in your ass, you woke up from a lovely dream in which you were eating chocolate ice cream and you thought you had won the race.  I know you think you are the cool honky…

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John Quincy Adams on Islam

The Bouncers Trilemma, and Islam.



I was a bouncer for 5 years.  I bounced in Seatac at a club that used to be called Club Zeus it was right next to the original Powerhouse Gym which was owned by Shake, the most notorious street fighter in Washington turned Christian.  He was trained by Zura Goodpaster who was the student of Frank Dux and he taught Jean Claude Van Damme for his roll depicting Frank Dux.  His dojo was next to my instructor, Michael Cairnes.  (

Club Zeus was two floors and had a 900 capacity.  Our main clientele was Samoan because we were right next to one of the largest Samoan neighborhoods in Seattle.  Their is a huge black ghetto in Seattle too, one night a week (thursdays) we had SHUT THE DOH! An AM radio station would come and promote their thing there with booty shaker competitions.  I also danced and was getting to the…

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The Difference between a Sport and War.

Ascending Dragon Style Tai Chi


I stopped watching sports years ago.  All of the sports had become so egotistical.  There is a fine line between sport and war.  In sports you aren’t trying to kill each other.  Sports should be won by demonstrating superior technique and ability.  You should learn and grow from a sport.  You shouldn’t be maimed for life because of a sport.  Watching people that want to destroy one another gives off a negative vibration that is harmful to the soul to watch.  Observing people communicating hatred and contempt to one another through their behavior is bad form.  On top of that human beings are acquisitively mimetic, which is to say, people copy behaviors they see being rewarded or behaviors they think are normal because of the normative bias in humans.  Humans think what is normal is also good and correct.

People ask me why I bounced but never competed professionally.  Because…

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VolksPuter, Obama Copies a play out of Hitler’s manual.


hitler-speech-rally-1939 (1)

A lot of you probably don’t know that Hitler rose to power via the völkisch movement. . .

The völkisch movement (original name: völkische Bewegung) is the German interpretation of the populist movement, with a romantic focus on folklore and the “organic”.[clarification needed] The term völkisch (pronounced[ˈfœlkɪʃ]) derives from the German word Volk (cognate with the English “folk”), corresponding to “people“, with connotations in German of “people-powered”, “folksy” and “folkloric”. According to the historian James Webb, the word also has “overtones of ‘nation’, ‘race’ and ‘tribe’…” [1] A direct translation would somehow be “ethnic“, with, however, very different connotations in English. Therefore this term cannot be used for translation. Strictly speaking, the term völkisch has no direct translation in English, as no existing term corresponds to its exact meaning, but it could be rendered as “ethno-nationalistic”…

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