Gender Roles In Islam and Judeo-Christianity


15 - 2

Sigmund Freud referred to circumcision as a form of oedipal aggression.  I am going to assume that everybody reading this is familiar with my theories on the evolution of religion and my male and female psychology.  Abraham was separating his identity from the Persian/Babylonian death cults, as part of that separation of identity he instituted male Circumcision.  This was done to make men less aggressive towards women a kind of shaming of them, a subtle form of trauma based mind control.

I have traced the origins of Judeo-Christian Marriage to Pythagorus, who I now know created the Western concept of marriage.  Marriage in the ancient world was a property contract, as it still is in the Muslim world, because what Mohammed did was rebrand the tyrannical Babylonian death cults as a Judeo-christian religion under the Guise of the Abrahamic Law Code when in fact it was that Ancient…

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