Punk Psychology



I have always hated punks.  Punks are the biggest Satan Worshippers, and Anarchists, and Marxists and Contrarians when they are children.  They rebel against anybody’s authority over themselves and then when they grow up they turn into the most tyrannical, despotic, Authoritarian, control freaks you would ever want to know.

Holder Announces Updates For New Program For Building Community Trust In Police

Punks are either never authentic and honest or having been so and receiving negative feedback, they don’t stand behind what they believe.  They are spineless, feckless, nut-less wonders, that will turn on you and stab you in the back should the opportunity present itself.  Remember, Psychopaths always attack first, or act like they were attacked first, or mount a false attack on themselves so they can appear to retaliate.  Not the first cause of the bad but the second cause of the good.


A turncoat is a person who shifts allegiance from one loyalty or ideal to…

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