Troll is a language.



 People will bristle at this concept.  I am a linguistic philosopher so you can take my word for it or not but history will prove me correct.  Troll is becoming the lingua-franca of comedy, if it isn’t already.

I have studied troll behavior ever since Myspace had group and philosophy functions.  On Facebook I became such a successful troll, even though that wasn’t my intent, people crowned me the king of Fight Club.  A group in which all of the old school trolls from Myspace came together to troll each other.  I was more interested in positive, rational, mutually beneficial relationships on the internet but at the time, especially with the people I was associated with, that wasn’t an option.  I didn’t start out trolling, it became necessary to defend myself as it appeared everyone was a troll and was always trolling.

Years before, when I lived in Seattle Washington…

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