The Danger of Arming the Beast, One World Order.



Many people have a cognitive bias, they think that everybody else thinks like themselves, this is true for most people except psychopaths.  A reasonable person will think that everybody else is reasonable, a peaceful person will assume that everybody else is peaceful, a responsible person will presuppose that everybody else is responsible.  This is not the case.  Psychopaths game everybody else, fitting in, saying what they are expected to say, they conceal their true nature and reveal themselves strategically.  They try to maximize benefit to themselves while minimizing the amount of contribution.  They are strategic, manipulative, and opportunistic.  They are not interested in honor.  They do not fight fair.  They will lie in wait like spiders, until you are weak, until you can’t win and they can’t loose.


My personal philosophy is that Neural Myelination is passed on from parent to child through epigenetics.  Neural Myelination predisposes you to have…

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