The Difference between a Sport and War.

Ascending Dragon Style Tai Chi


I stopped watching sports years ago.  All of the sports had become so egotistical.  There is a fine line between sport and war.  In sports you aren’t trying to kill each other.  Sports should be won by demonstrating superior technique and ability.  You should learn and grow from a sport.  You shouldn’t be maimed for life because of a sport.  Watching people that want to destroy one another gives off a negative vibration that is harmful to the soul to watch.  Observing people communicating hatred and contempt to one another through their behavior is bad form.  On top of that human beings are acquisitively mimetic, which is to say, people copy behaviors they see being rewarded or behaviors they think are normal because of the normative bias in humans.  Humans think what is normal is also good and correct.

People ask me why I bounced but never competed professionally.  Because…

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