My beef with Steven Pinker


steven pinker

Now, I am very much a fan of Steven Pinker, I enjoy reading him very much, my problem is with one particular chapter in his book THE LANGUAGE INSTINCT.  The problem revolves around the fact that I am a soft linguistic determinist, and he argues completely against linguistic determinism being flippant and sarcastic, and bias mining to look only at how Linguistic Determinism is wrong, and not how it is right.  I am going to call him out on his bias and expose some of his obfuscations and bifurcations.  Linguistic Determinism doesn’t have to be a hard yes or no…


First of all, we see that the Democrats and the Obama Regime are using this strategy right now, and it is having an effect on the majority of human beings.  Steven ignores emergent properties in his analysis.


Now I would like to point out that Pinker is not making an…

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