Larry Wilmore Fails with infinite precision.


larry wilmore

The only way I can describe what is going on here is by using my own philosophic calculus and psychological models.  It is difficult to describe what is going on with these Liberal, Elitist, Femtards, because all they do is mock and ridicule while concealing their bias, acting like they aren’t biased, concealing their actual narrative, and mocking and ridiculing ideas they don’t like.


I describe what Larry Wilmore is doing as being in relationship with his issues, Paul Ekman refers to this as being in a refractory state, when a person has been traumatized, their brain creates an auto appraiser that constantly scans the environment for any sign of the thing they don’t like. Larry, like many of the Highly Educated idiots in higher learning, has been indoctrinated into his issues, you have to understand how people like this edit their consideration sets and bias mine to prove their…

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