The Divorce.

Shivastus Solomonicus


The universe seems very big and time seems very long when you are incarnate in it, but there have been an infinite number of universes.  You are trapped in an illusion made by unending layers of cause and effect and story after story so intricate that it makes it seem unassailable, but for those who have made themselves one with Siva they can escape any prison, they are the freemen.

Siva and Uma had been arguing contentiously for months.  Uma was angry at Siva for his relationship with his consort Ganges.  Siva should be content with tripura sundari the most beautiful woman in heaven, earth, and hell.  Ganges is nothing more than a dark-skinned slave girl of no caste and Siva was doing both their reputations harm by fraternizing with her.  Siva responded that his relationship with her increased the quality of life for thousands of people, it purified the country.  He…

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