Introduction to my eventual book. Thought Technology

Thought Technology

544015_457373687656376_1984152373_n (1)As a linguistic philosopher I spend a lot of time thinking abut what a word is.  A word is like taking a lasso and throwing it around a bunch of random objects and then describing a relationship between the objects.  Sentences are just longer versions of words as are paragraphs, chapters, and books.  Words are embedded in a matrix called language.  What a person says characterizes him, others, and the relationship between them.  Modern research shows that we might actually remember things with the use of narrative.  If that is the case then the character we are playing in the play that we think we are in (the story we are telling ourselves) determines what facts we remember, and how we string them together.

The mind is an association making machine.  We remember things by how we associate them with other things we know.  The stronger and more spontaneous the emotion the…

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