You have to love Privileged White Men Apologizing for their Race.


christopher driscoll


An assistant professor has created “Ten Cracka Commandments”that he says all white people need to live by to see past the color of their own skin.

Christopher Driscoll teaches religious studies at Lehigh University. He claims consulting with hip-hop artist Asheru, as well as Kashi Johnson who is another Lehigh associate professor, to create the brilliant list below reported by Campus Reform.

1. #AllLivesMatter won’t matter until #BlackLivesMatter. This commandment is a litmus test and the greatest commandment.

2. Always remember that white privilege is real, even if you do not understand it. Use it to convince other people that black lives, including black women’s lives, matter. Show up for protests, write letters to representatives, and start discussions with other white people about black lives mattering.

3. Always remember that ignorance is real, and is a product of privilege. Treat the ignorant with compassion, but hold them accountable.


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