Weird experience with Aliens this morning.

Shivastus Solomonicus


June 19, 2015 4 a.m.

I had a weird experience this morning, I want to write about it quickly before I log off.  It is remarkable because of the channeled poetry from yesterday.  After my room mate left for work, about 4 in the morning.  I felt an irritating sensation that something was moving to me left.  I thought she might have come home again but when I woke up it was obvious she hadn’t.  I was also hearing some strange sounds and feeling fear and a quivering sensation.  After years of meditation and recently feelings of intense boredom I was able to ignore the fear and attempted to tune into and listen to the voices.  I succeeded and found that there were 3 creatures which I could see not with my physical eyes but with some other sense, they weren’t in our dimensional reality but they were present.  Also I…

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