Nobody Rides Barack except the Prophet Mohammed.

Epic Troll

adam wolfe comedian

So, they say that the Light of the Resurrected Mohammed, peace be upon him, will appear like a shaft from his grave to the “Clouds of the Sky!”

Then it will call out…

“O Pleasing Soul! Stand up for rendering the Decree and the Reckoning and the Presentation before the Merciful!”

So, the grave will spit open and Gabriel will give him a Robe of Honor (Spiritual Ghost Body) and give him “Burak”, the Winged-Horse, and will say…

“This is the Day of Rising, the Day of Resurrection, the Day of Encounter, the Day of Burak, the Day of the Winged-Horse”!!!

And so, Burak, the Winged-Horse, who has 2 wings and flies between Heaven and Earth at speed of lightning will be very agitated and will say…

“No one rides me except the Prophet and Possessor of the Koran

… to the new Incarnation of Mohammed who will reply…

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