Moral Equivalence Falsified, Reduction ad Absurdum

Atheist Logic Fail


Professor Picklesmooch was determined to succeed in a world that had gone mad with Political Correctness, Liberal Progressiveness, and Moral Insanity.   Picklesmooch was quite the social climber.  He was right in the middle of things parroting all of the successful people, regurgitating all the correct shibboleths,  holding all the correct positions, sneering at all the right people to be sneered at and gracing all of the worthy buttocks with his lips.  He needed to carve out his niche in a contrarian world that wanted to believe that everything good was bad and everything bad was good and evil was justifiable if someone bad did it but good was not good if a good person did it.  Once he had mastered this conundrum he came up with a plan that couldn’t fail.

Finally, the day came to make his move.  “I am an expert on the cannibals of Papua New Guinea.”

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