Philosophy is a Death Seeking.

Shivastus Solomonicus

From the Meditations of Shivastus Solomonicus


The Serpent seeks the Tree.  The Tree is the Truth.  Theo Sophia.  God and Wisdom.  As the Soul enters the Zodiac represented by the dodecahedron of Plato’s Solids, it splits into the male and female.  The only two planets that ruled one house (before the discoveries, planets that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye) were the Sun and the Moon, Soul of Man, Solomon.


“A friend (philo/philoi/Philo Sophia) is one soul in to bodies.”  Aristotle 


As the Serpent moves through the houses it seeks it’s soul mate.  It seeks the Truth.  Homo Sapiens is Wise Man, a child is not born wise and not all men raise themselves to the level of being human.  Not all men accumulate Wisdom.  As one acquires Wisdom one inevitably kills the false sense of self.


The Serpent repents as it approaches the Truth the…

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