Christopher Hitchens Falsified Again….

Atheist Logic Fail


The metaphor that was used goes back to Ancient Egypt and the divine right to rule.  The Metaphor was the Sheep being contrasted with the Goats.  It was a metaphor passed on through Jesus because he was a member of the Math Cults created by Pythagoras, who studied in Egypt.  In order to be a Carpenter he had to be familiar with Geometry, from the perspective of the Pythagoreans every mathematical formula was a name of God.  Much like the Jews every child had to be taught a trade, defined as a skill that one could use anywhere in the world to be gainfully employed, carpentry would have been just such a skill.

Those who recognize the Authority of Reason are the Sheep and they get the Shepherds Crook as they are gently persuaded by Reason.  Those who can’t be persuaded by reason are the Goats and they get the…

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