Atheism and the Teleological error

Atheist Logic Fail


Sometimes its frustrating for me.  This FTXP (Photoshop) was recently posted in Atheism Humor and Memes on G+.  Atheists rate your intelligence based on how accurately your bias reflects their bias.  John Winsor is a composer and teacher of Music Theory.   These are his own words: “Taught music theory and designed bandsman training materials at Armed Forces School of Music.” As far as I know no rag tag band of clarinetists has ever defended out country successfully from a foreign army.  Not to mention, the quote conflates Christianity, 1,000 years ago with the Taliban currently.  This kind of arrogant, elitist, fallacious, thinking is rampant among liberals in higher education.

I Responded:

“Conflation of old testament with new testament.  Conflation of Abraham with Moses and Jesus.  Invalid argument is invalid.”

 Tetsu Riken responded:
@Joxua Luxor  either the book is taken as a whole or its not taken at all…

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Deconstructing Carly Fiorina’s micro expressions.


Carly Fiorina repeatedly leaks 3 emotional states, all of them negative, they have become a permanent part of her facial expression because she experiences them more than any other emotions.  Disgust and contempt, which are strongly associated with the ending of relationship, and anger.