UK Muslims defend Mufa’khathat – the legalized incest of infants

The Muslim Issue

aishyaToo sexy to ride her little bike without a burka.

When baby Aiysha was around this age the 53-year old prophet Mohammed got sexually aroused by seeing her playing with her dolls and friends, and sitting on her swing. He decided then and there that she was “chosen” for him and he must marry her. Aishya’s father did not approve of Mohammed’s attention and Mohammed then persuaded him and forced him to marry her off, demonstrating that Mohammed did not abide by the laws he demanded others to abide by.

Mohammed and Aishya got married when Aiysha was six years of age. According to various sources Mohammed started ‘thighing’ Aiysha (molesting her without penetration) because she was too young and too small to be penetrated. Penetrating a small child by force can lead to serious injuries leading to death.

Muslims claim “prophet” Mohammed married her when she was six but…

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