Blame the blacks! Saudi’s hajj chief blames pilgrims of ‘African nationalities’ for stampede deaths

The Muslim Issue

Awww… of course. It just have to be the fault of the Abds (the slaves), doesn’t it?

If it’s not the fault of the jews – always a popular front runner in Muslim finger pointing games – then it’s the fault of the Shi’ites, for sure. If blaming the Shi’ites is sensitive and blaming the jews becomes too repetitive, pick on the Africans.

African Muslims should note how much they are respected in those quarters.





Fury as Saudi’s hajj chief blames African pilgrims for stampede that killed 700 – as country’s top cleric says it was ‘beyond human control’

  • The head of committee which oversees the hajj pilgrimage sparks outrage over comments blaming worshippers
  • Saudi Prince Khaled al-Faisal reportedly blamed the stampede on ‘some pilgrims with African nationalities’
  • It comes as country’s top religious cleric, Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh, says disaster was beyond human control
  • Tehran…

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